Life during Clay Camp…

I really do like Clay Camp. Classes are two weeks each – Monday through Friday. I teach two sessions. Students handbuild, sculpt -teens even throw on the wheel…BUT

I am in the studio working and cleaning and prepping for 6 hours. Classes  Рthere are two Рare 1.5 hours each. So when thats done, I head home for the dogs. And get woe-fully little creative work done. Somehow the clay studio in the basement doesnt call my name. I do look forward to getting back next week РI have a new series of images planned Рimages I will sculpt and cast in plaster. They will be new icons in my tiles.

Until then – its been beads, and resin. I ordered the kit for "Use the Muse" and its a great creative challenge. You must design a piece of jewelry using the "Muse" component, anything in the kit, and anything in your own stash. Now the "Muse" is a secret until entries are posted, but I can say its by Lillypilly Designs. I will post my entry here after the contest deadline…

So I have been working, and I have been earning the ever important paycheck…but I look forward to getting my real routine back!

2 thoughts on “Life during Clay Camp…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jenny,
    I just wanted to let you know that my niece Madeline absolutely LOVED your class and she was so proud of her finished work. The night she brought them home, we had dinner at my sister’s house and Madeline was able to give us all a showing of her work and described how she made them and all about the cool stuff you had them use in the class! She especially liked the stamps and that some glass you guys used on the pieces actually melted and puddled (she pointed out the exact place…). And I adore my bead that she made for me!

    I have to admit that it can be a bit frustrating at times to work with kids (lots and lots of extra work… and time away from other things) – but the payoff is SO worth it. To be the person that inspires and encourages young people to tap into their creative sides. You will be that teacher that they remember and look up to and want to be like. They will always try to do things in ways that gets them to feel like they did in your class!

    I know you totally get this – but just wanted to post to let you know that I think you are such a wonderful person for making the decision to work with kids and to be an inspiration to so many!!! Way to go Jenny!!!



    • jenny says:

      Thank you Marsha! You are right on all counts – the time, the dedication, the rewards of seeing them so enthused, literally blossoming. But often you dont get the recognition, so I especially appreciate your words! Thank you!

      She was a pleasure in class, and felt so important when I was friends with her Aunt Marsha!
      See you soon!


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