Envisioning the Feminine Divine

Last Friday night was the opening reception for the Imago Dea exhibit. It was a smashing success, one I owe largely to Betsy Molina Mortenson – my artist partner in the show. Couldnt have done it without her! We are a good team. And I love her work, very different from my own, yet conceptually related…

Here is the first of my Goddess collages, I will be posting here in their entirety. These pieces are all 16 x 20" on a stretched canvas. Materials vary: paper, canvas, watercolor, colored pencil, image transfers…

I welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Brigid collage

Brigid Ancient Celtic goddess turned saint; fire, creativity, and healing are her realms. She will spark the fire of inspiration in the bard, and she fuels the fire of the smith at his forge. Her sacred springs abound with offerings, tied to tree branches, as people seek her healing. ( This piece is sold.)

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