Fall Newsletter info!

Hello everyone!

It’s a rainy Saturday, probably my last weekend to plant bulbs…and I saw Holiday decorations up already. Wow! Where has the fall gone?

I am in the process of gearing up for three very different exhibits/venues this season. And what a mad rush!


The first is the Arden Holiday shop, an annual favorite in the Gild Hall in Arden DE. It’s very festive, and marks the beginning of the holidays for me – although it is after Thanksgiving. The info: Sunday November 30th, from 11 – 4

 pm.  You can find details and directions here: http://www.ardenclub.com/annualEvents.htm.


The second is my first home show… at a friend’s house. I am in an artist’s marketing group, and this is our first event as a group. It should be a lovely affair, hosted by Paula and Norman Bell. (Friday Dec. 5th – 5:30 – 8. Sat. Dec

 6th – 10 – 4pm. 509 Rothbury Rd. See my last blog post for the details…



The biggest event: I am showing a completely new, and I think exciting, group of mixed media collages. My friend Betsy Mortenson and I are having our show: Imago Dea – envisioning the feminie divine at Gallery 919 Market in WIlmington! The reception is Friday 12/5 from 4:30 – 8:30pm. Stay tuned for more info here, and pictures too I think…

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