Happy Graduation!

UD tiles

It has been over a month! I admit I am still getting a handle on blogging, and it isn’t habit yet. So where has the time gone? The image above – one of the things I have been working on – was a tile commission for the University of Delaware. Nancy Nutt Chase and Angela Seguin, who run the Wellspring Program, contacted me; interested in custom tiles for their graduating student peer counselors. And while graduations were a month ago –  I know! I couldn’t very well blog about the tiles and spoil the surprise, could I?

The quotes: On the labyrinth tile – Little by little, one travels far.

On the landscape – The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ( Lao Tzu)

On the woman tile – Be the change. (To paraphrase Ghandi…"Be the change you wish to see in the world.")

May the graduates have a great summer, and the beginings of a prosperous, fulfilled life!  

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