Spring News


As I write this – I am enjoying the open windows, fresh air and flowers of spring. The dogs spend most of their time playing and lounging in the yard. And I am gearing up for the first show of the year. Oscar and Zoey lounging

Moravian Tile Festival May 17th & 18th in Doylestown PA. This has to be one of the most fun shows ever. Old friends, new friends, and more tiles than even a tile artist could imagine. For more details: http://www.buckscounty.org/government/departments/Tileworks/TileFestival.aspx . I highly recommend touring the Tile Works and Fonthill, Henry Chapman Mercer’s house. Both are open during the Tile Festival, and a window into tile making, history and an eccentric visionary man…

In June , on the 7th I will be at the Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival in Elmer NJ. (http://www.appelfarm.org/festival/index.html) The line-up of musicians at this annual festival is incredible. My husband likes this show – after I am set up, he can enjoy the music… And I taught at the Appel Farm Arts Summer Camp right out of college. It has changed dramatically, but still holds dear memories for me.

July takes me to the beach – Lewes DE to be exact. And on the weekend of the Fourth! I hope to get in a little ocean time Sunday …The show is Saturday July 5th, and you can get the full details here: http://www.stpeterslewes.org/Artshow.htm. I know – it’s a holiday weekend and you may be on vacation, but if you are in the area, this show is a good one.


I have been working diligently, on a whole new style of tiles. Tiles that incorporate stamped metal, collages, beads. They are more elaborate and I am pleased with them. I like new options to incorporate text and other media – and the collage tiles are that.  I have also been doing more collage shrines – using a ceramic shrine, and beading a collage into the structure. I really enjoy making them, from start to finish. (PIctures soon!)



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