Generous Gift

Doll parts

Last fall at Artsfest in Solomon’s MD I ( stumbled into a lovely conversation with an older woman about my shrines and their interiors, inspiration and the like. She offered me a collection of antique doll parts – a friend of hers had unearthed on a Florida beach years back. I was flattered, and excited by her generous offer. A while later, sure enough, a package arrived in the mail.

To thank her for her kind gift, I am making her a shrine with a few of her favorites from the treasures. Yes, it is long overdue… Here is the shrine in progress – it is clay, yet I am using acrylic paint, and constructing the insides with bookboard and fabric…

Gemeny shrine

The text on the outside reads: Cherish memories/treasures time reveals/loves and lost/and loved anew.

I have to mention Nina Bagley (whose work I love!) and her use of doll parts in jewelry. An inspiration!

I will post a finished picture soon!

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