Empty shrines…

3 empty shrines

Last week – Monday – we unloaded the large gas kiln at the studio. I have been using a variety of low temperature glazes lately, but for the first time in months, I had pieces in this kiln. Very exciting! Unloading is a team effort, people traipsing in from the courtyard, arms piled high with pots… It was chilly, but felt like spring in the air… After multiple trips, then a fresh cup of coffee and discussion, looking over glaze results and finished pieces. I was so excited to take these three home and install bits and pieces…

 …and I got a cold. I am not very creative when it feels like y head is full of rocks.

So now – here they are waiting for me. What will go inside? Sculpture, antique bits and bobs, artist’s books, collages? I dont know yet, but I will show you as these pieces progress along.

One thought on “Empty shrines…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do/have done with these new pieces! My sister-in-law has her own pottery studio and I envy her gift with clay immensely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I found your comment today. It’s been a wild month! (The Leprechaun ATC you commented on was my favorite too!)



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