Social connections. Physical distancing.

What better time than now to rejuvenate the blog? I am home. I have been home since March 18th. On one hand – I am usually home, working from either of my 2 home studios. So that’s all good, right?

But it is so extremely difficult to tap into my creative energy at this time. The anxiety and the uncertainty, shows cancelled, revenue lost. Some rescheduled, some gone – poof – in a puff of Corona contaminated air.

How to work? The pressure of production for shows is no longer felt. My part time job isn’t a thing right now… So I started slowly… to take and process pix of existing inventory. Jewelry especially as its easy to ship from home… You can see available pieces on my FB business page. Follow me! More will be happening there in the next few weeks, I can promise.

Ceramic cabochons with labradorite, bead embroidered.

I wanted to share with you an incident of social connection in this time of physical distancing. I was scheduled to exhibit/vend at Sacred Space/Between the Worlds conference in April. It was, of course cancelled and rescheduled for next year.

I was looking forward to classes and workshops in addition to showing and sharing my work. Some of my favorite authors were to be in attendance. To name a few: Byron Ballard, Courtney Weber, Laura Tempest Zakroff

In a recent podcast on That Witch Life, Courtney and her cohorts initiated a feature sharing the info of artists, shops, craftspeople to encourage online shopping. I love the podcast, have listened since its beginning. The trio has started weekly posts dealing with coping, grounding, and the like during the pandemic and resulting lock down. Take a listen.

And I wanted to thank Courtney ( and Hilary & Kanani) for the shout out in the Bonus Episode on March 31! I look forward to listening and perhaps meeting you each one day!

Thanks for reading – I’ll be back soon with details form my (plague) art journal. Keeping me sane as I try to reestablish studio routines.

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