To Gnome me… the Art Elements theme reveal.

This month was my month. And I had a sudden bolt of inspiration… This is Bifur, he’s been in my family since the 70’s. He flew home with me from Austin in late February. Yes – he found the overhead bin comfy cozy, thank you for asking….


So March has been a roller coaster, you know what I mean? I started self isolation a week prior to the DE state order. So I spent that first week or so implementing all my anxiety easing strategies: Beading, Time Team on Netflix, coffee, and silly iPad games.

You won’t be surprised that my offering this month is beaded. LOL

The iconic gentleman is small – why not do a brooch? My beaded companion is 2″ tall. As I was working – I confess I panicked. Thought I was out of Fireline with a quarantine approaching. Phew – see below.

550 yds should be ok for a while
He makes me smile!

So after my dapper gentleman was done…. I got thinking… and I still needed some therapy beading time. SO…

The blonde was first. and I was happy with her peaches and cream complexion. But Blondes don’t have all the fun…

Thank to all who joined me in creating during this crazy month we have had! You can hop their creations via the links below! Be well, stay safe.

AE team:














11 thoughts on “To Gnome me… the Art Elements theme reveal.

  1. Claire says:

    It is a difficult time right now and you also chose a theme that really was a challenge for me as well 😉
    One my to-do list is actually to try to get my stash a little bit more in order…. uhm… I am afraid of that! 😉 But I always have way more stuff than I thought I had. At least right now I can call it preparation instead of hoarding. It is the same with all aspects in our household: I always have enough durable food for any kind of crisis and you won’t find me without TP and I really always (since my time working in virology) have disinfectant in my handbag. Just right now I am not strange anymore but the new normal for the first time ever!
    As much as I can’t really create cuteness myself, I squeed seeing your gnomes! The are so cute and beautiful at the same time. The detail I love most? The belt buckle!!!


  2. Cat says:

    What a simply perfect and wonderful idea for this challenge! I love them all and couldn’t pick a favorite.
    Thank you for that much needed smile!


  3. Catherine Mendola says:

    Oh I really love your dapper gentleman gnome. And like Claire, his belt buckle is my favorite thing-Too cute. The ladies are lovely and my favorite thing about them is their aprons. Your clever use of beads to create them is perfect. Thanks for such a fun theme.


  4. Hope Smitherman says:

    First, thank you for this great theme. It was a welcome distraction.
    Now, your beaded gnome gave me the biggest smile, then I saw the ladies and that smile expanded even more! They’re all so great!! You made some serious magic with seed beads.


  5. Tammy Adams says:

    Oh, these are beautiful and adorable. The beadwork is beautiful with such amazing details. What a great idea to make brooches. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks for the great theme. Here’s hoping we all make it through current events well before we run out of craft supplies.


  6. Linda Landig says:

    Since I have no patience for working with tiny beads, I always really admire the beautiful work that seed beaders create and your gnomes are no exception! They are like paintings with beads. A true delight, that brought a smile to my face. Thank you for hosting this challenge. I needed a kick in the a** to boot me out of my stay at home blues and accompanying legarthy.


  7. marshanealstudio says:

    I really LOVE these Jenny! I love how your eyes work out the different textures in the gnome outfit with shapes and coatings of beads (his matte pants and boots and her tube beads!). Just really wonderful!


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