The Art Elements theme reveal: Birds of Prey

Welcome to the reveal! This month Cathy challenged us with “Birds of Prey“. I found it to be extremely inspirational. I really wanted to work with osprey – as they nested on the river where I grew up, all along the Chesapeake Bay, and I still see them often at the Delaware beaches. But the owls had their hooks in me…

First are these mixed media focal pendants. This is a style I am diving deep into pf late – getting ready for an online show, a local show, and then.. .Bead and Button!  ( details at end of post.)  These polymer assemblages feature found OOAK images, and antique lenses. Optometry lenses or watch crystals – I am not sure.  The image is sandwiched between polymer and lens. The bezel – for lack of a better term – is sculpted. All are hand painted! ( I may have to keep that Barn owl… )

Polymer and mixed media pendants.

The polymer station is simply staying set up in my studio. I have ideas bubbling up all the time! After a lovely day crystals shopping with Staci – These owl were born. I want to sculpt similar pieces with goddesses and other animals as well.

Crystal owl prototype!

2 crystal owls, one with a loop. Coming soon to “One Sweet Bead Market” on FB.

The image in Cathy’s original post haunted me. Zoomed in, cropped… I decided to try translating it to beads. I want to experiment with some beaded paintings, of a sort… I made the conscious decision to use only size 11 rounds, keeping the surface uniform. Then color and direction of stitches would take precedence…

Beaded painting in progress

At the same time – I was working on this cabochon – a barn owl. So often I am caught up in the cycle of production, being efficient, producing more. That is a cycle I strive to break this year. This piece was very satisfying to sculpt in detail, and i used antique jet beads as eyes. ! I knew it was destined to be paired with flowers. I was inspired by the Welsh goddess Blodeuwedd – who was created from flowers and later shape shifted into an owl…

New cab, colored with pastels, amongst vintage lucite flowers.

Here are these 2 bead embroidery pieces finished! I am happy with how they both came out – but thrilled with Blodeuwedd, if I do say so.

Completed as a brooch, shown in hand for scale.

Beaded piece measures 3 x 3″ , framed in a birch panel frame.

This was  a great theme, and a very productive month, especially for a short month! Please take a few minutes to visit my team mates, and out guests this month. Thanks for stopping by – see you in March!
















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19 thoughts on “The Art Elements theme reveal: Birds of Prey

  1. cathysmendola says:

    Oh goodness!! I am blown away by all the pretty things. First off, those new polymer pieces-swooning and counting down until your online show. Those with the optic lens are magnificent as are the owls with crystals. But your beaded pieces….I am so glad someone used the header photo as their inspiration. Such a stunner! You captured him beautifully. And Blodeuwedd is just perfect!


  2. Hope Smitherman says:

    First, I wish you all the best at the shows!
    Those first mixed media pieces are my favorites of this big bunch of owls you created, but that was a hard choice to make as all of these owls are just stunning!! The amount of work I can only imagine you put into them is staggering. I’m sure it will pay off.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lindsay Starr says:

    Dear Jenny, please send me a crystal owl. They are whoo-tiful. Thank you, Lindsay
    But seriously, everything is beautiful! I love those lens pendants too, and the detailed barn owl face…so gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lesleyhw says:

    Woe – what a great collection and all so different … I love the crystal owls and the vintage feeling pendants to…but the beaded pieces are just fabulous!.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Saraccino byCF says:

    I so love all of your mixed media pendant pieces! So cool how you use polymer clay and incorporate other materials with it! The beaded pieces are both wonderful. I especially love the last one with your polymer clay owl head and all the tiny wee flowers! It made me smile! Just love it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Laney says:

    Oh my goodness you ladies are so productive! I love the bead painting and Blodeuwedd. I love stories and Welsh ones are so full of magic and awe you have captured that beautifully 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Anita says:

    Fantastic creations, Jenny, each piece outshines the previous! I especially love your beaded owl – it reflects the inspiration picture wonderfully – and of course, Blodeuwedd with all the flowers.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Kathy Lindemer says:

    I love your beaded pieces. They are amazing. My favorite is surrounded by green and flowers in the birch frame. I would love that piece in my home!


  9. Tammy Adams says:

    So much awesome! The frames around the lens pieces are perfect settings for the images. The carved owls with (and without) crystals are fantastic. The beaded version of the owl photo in brooch form is so amazingly true to the image. And the little barn owl in the beaded frame? Love!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Rosantia Petkova says:

    Stunning pieces, all of them! Mixed media, crystal owls, beaded and clay owls, so many and so different pieces! I think I love the combination of owls and flowers most of all!

    Liked by 1 person

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