Lovely Luna: the Art Elements theme reveal

The Luna moth – elusive, poetic, and so vibrant! Jen gave us a wonderful theme to work with this month! I knew from the start that I wanted to stretch myself and allow myself to play a little simultaneously.

I recently posted about my new-found toy: Brusho watercolor crystals. So I sat down to play in my art journal with the theme on my mind… The stages of the drawing are shown above and the very colorful piece is below. I wanted a more mellow blue background so the luna moth would pop more; but I am happy with my composition and inks!

Luna moth art journal page.

The challenge I set to myself was to do something in leather. I have a diverse collection of pieces gifted to me, and purchased from friends who are leather clothiers. ( Think Renaissance fairs) My original plans were to paint on leather, but I found this glossy yellow-green piece that team mate Lindsay had sent me! Perfection. A few You Tube videos later – I was stitching.

The whole piece was inspired but he Luna moth shape – as I could see the tail tucking into a loop or fold. the band closure was a little too loose – so I fabricated 2 stamped staples to tighten it down, making the closure more secure. The luna moth is glued down and stitched using forest green 28 gauge wire. I burnished the ends into the flap so they wouldn’t catch on anything.

I dont know what I will use it for – the size was determined by a scrap of natural leather that I stained dark brown. In a perfect mixed media moment – I took out my linoleum carving tools to score/carve the designs into the moth’s body. I accentuated the carved lines with acrylic. The whole experience was so freeing – to do something very different and solve the myriad small creative problems that one faces when working outside of their regular medium. More leather work soon!

Now please feel free to explore the other pieces this month – by my team mates on the blog and out guests!



Beth and EvieC








Art Elements Team:




Jenny ( you are here)






17 thoughts on “Lovely Luna: the Art Elements theme reveal

  1. Saraccino byCF says:

    I love your moth design with the different moons! I think it would also work wonderful for a print! The leather pouch would work wonderfully to be used as a travel kit for crafting material. The use of wire, carving tools, and acrylic paint together created a cool mixed media piece! I also still have leather pieces here… but as much as I love them… I am quite stuck with any inspiration how to use them…


  2. lesleyhw says:

    Your painted piece is so gloriously vivid and vibrant I love it and in contrast the leather pouch is so warm and earthy – just my cuppa tea! Great work.


  3. Beth says:

    Love the color combinations you used on your painted piece! I also love the different accents you used in the painting!
    Your leather wallet is awesome! I love the idea of using the luna moth as the closure. So cool!


  4. cathysmendola says:

    I really love the painting of the luna moth with the moon phases!! The colors of the background and the salting really make it pop. I am in awe of the luna clutch. The design is fabulous and I can’t imagine sewing the luna on with wire. Wow! I would definitely use this to store special pens/pencils for tucking into my purse and carry around for quick sketches.


  5. Niky Sayers says:

    The colours in your painting are just amazing! I love how trying a new craft gets you thinking, your clutch is really lovely and I love your stamped staples what a wonderful idea!


  6. Rosantia Petkova says:

    The watercolor is gorgeous! I would love to experiment with completely new media, from post like this one I’m learning I have to be more decisive 🙂 The leather clutch would be good to carry some of your craft materials and/or tools. It’s also fancy enough to go into your purse, I’m sure you will find what to fill it with 🙂


  7. alycat55 says:

    Love the leather, naturally, and the fact that you stitched with 28 gauge wire! Light Bulb Moment here 🙂 . Your watercolor is beautiful, the moon phases are a novel idea too.


  8. Jennifer Cameron says:

    Seriously digging the watercolor with salt and the brusho paints. I think the entire thing is perfection. I can hardly wait to play with my brusho paints, but I doubt I’ll do them justice compared to you. And the leather pouch is amazing. It’s difficult to tell the size from a photo, but maybe keeping a pad of watercolor paper and some watercolor pencils in it for easy travel? Or a clutch? I don’t know, but it is so pretty it’s be a shame not to use it.


  9. Colette says:

    I’ve never tried Brusho, but this makes me want to! Beautiful design and such vivid pigmentation!

    The clutch is such a lovely design–I love how you used the tail tips to tuck in!


  10. blueberribeads says:

    Beautiful creations Jenny, I love your watercolour. I’ve just got some brusho crystals and can’t wait to give them a try. Hope they turn out as lovely as yours! Really love the pouch too, the closure is brilliant! look forward to seeing more of your leatherwork!


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