Sue’s Scarabs: the July COM reveal

I knew from the first it would be a bracelet.


Bead/cap by Marsha Neal Studio. Scarab bead by Sue.

Do I dare? Do I dare tackle my first ever freeform peyote stitch project? I am a Virgo to the fullest, a lover of order… I do well with freeform bead embroidery – but that is a structured stitching – so I can go wild with bead shapes and colors and textures and patterns. Freeform peyote is all that freedom AND learning the structure. Adapting, working in a sculptural way.

So I tried it! I was working “along the length” of the bracelet so the bead closure and loop were in place early on in the process. The first step is stringing beads – of different sizes and colors… then going back along the length to start the peyote stitch pattern. This is the beginning:

There was a lot of tangling. Some cursing…. I decided to use 4 lb Fireline. Thin enough for multiple passes through beads, but strong and forgiving. ( I really don’t like Nymo) There are mistakes, there are sections that “ruffled” up but in general… IT WORKED!


Here are the shots of the completed bracelet. It fits (me) perfectly! I will definitely take this further and experiment more with freeform peyote!


Please pour a coffee and take a look at what my AE team mates and our guests have created! I would love to hear your thoughts… 


Deb Fortin

Lennis Carrier

Barb Fernald 

AE Team 










(I apologize if the links are dead. I’ll fix ASAP. Waylaid by a stomach flu on vacation…. for now see all the links at Art Elements.  

14 thoughts on “Sue’s Scarabs: the July COM reveal

  1. cathysmendola says:

    Love it! I can’t believe this is your first freeform peyote piece-you aced it!!
    It works wonderfully with Sue’s lovely scarab. Your bead color choices blend beautifully. I see more freeform designs in the future:-)


  2. Laney says:

    heheh I am not a Virgo so structure is something that I aim to achieve but my Piscean nature takes over and I end up swimming in all directions! I love how this turned out to me it is perfectly formed because it is freeform, so many textures and shapes, just beautiful 😀


  3. windbent says:

    Its great that you are stretching your skills in new directions. This is really interesting. I like that it is symmetrical and still different on both sides, like when people make each earring different using the same beads. I will look forward to what you make next in freeform.


  4. Deb Fortin says:

    I would take all the above comments and paste them into my comment here, They have said it all . this freeform peyote is something I have been wanting to try ever since I found my first pattern /instructions to make one. But I AM a Virgo, so not creating perfection intentionally is outside my comfort zone. But I will try . and hopefully mine will turn out as lovely as your first attempt has.


  5. lesleyhw says:

    Love the randomness of this…not sure my OCD could cope with freeform but I may have to try. Great colour and bead combination too.


  6. Lindsay S says:

    Look at you doing freeform peyote! Yay, I love it! I love how you used a bead as the closure too. I never think of that, but it makes a great continuation of the design, rather than interrupting it with a clasp. Fantastic!


  7. niky sayers says:

    I completely love it, the colours are perfect and it looks like an accent treasure! I have always wanted to try freeform peyote and did not know that you could work along the length like this!


  8. antiquitytravelers says:

    wow! for your first try at freeform …. I’m absolutely impressed! my first piece was stiff and chunky. I had so much trouble with the lack of order in my pattern! But you’ve really captured such a beautiful flow and organic feel. Stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

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