Flights of Fancy! The “Insect” theme reveal at Art Elements

Summer: outdoor living on the deck, the smell of charcoal, garden dirt under your nails… ( And festivals and clay camp but thats another story) When I think of summer insects I go to winged things. I love butterflies and moths! Their delicacy of structure and the boldness of color and design. So I knew immediately what I wanted to do:


Stoneware for an earthy look, and coming soon porcelain for a more ethereal quality. Cut from slabs of clay – I drew a series of templates from vintage illustrations; my own childhood books. Carved and textured, drilled, awaiting the kiln… a moth to flame?


Stoneware – waiting for stains and glazes. Sadly still a WIP.

With three shows in four weekends AND teaching every day – the moths haven’t been glazed and fired yet. I WILL have these soon, and for Beadfest if you are interested.

In my precious down time this month – I beaded. And I had to bead insects!


The classic, high contrast Monarch


A study in iridescence.


Matte finish for contrast to the others.


The trio takes wing.



These three are all brooches, approximately 3: in wingspan. I plan to frame them in shadowbox frames so they are easy to display when not being worn. And I have to give a shout out to Caroline! Her moth pin was a gift – and started this flight of fancy!





Please stop by the  Art Elements team’s blogs – and our great guests this month!  Pour a cold iced tea, and sit in the shade!


Mona Arnott

Melissa Trudinger 

Sarajo Wentling

Divya N

Art Elements Team

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Diana Ptaszynski

Lesley Watt

Caroline Dewison

Lindsay Starr

Niky Sayers

Claire Fabian

10 thoughts on “Flights of Fancy! The “Insect” theme reveal at Art Elements

  1. Cathy s. Mendola says:

    Oh Goodness! I don’t know how you had time to do so much beading with all your other activities but I am so glad you did. The butterflies & dragonfly are just beautiful!! I can’t figure out which is my fave-maybe the Monarch? They are all so lovely:-) And I can’t wait to see what glazes you use for the clay butterflies/moths.


  2. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Your beaded bugs are so pretty! I especially like the matte one. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your new batch of ceramic moths… I adore the ones I have. Sad I won’t be at Beadfest to snap some up!


  3. Lindsay S says:

    I love that you made fully beaded bugs! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but somehow been too intimidated to try. Also…please save me a few fuzzy moths when you have your glazing party 🙂


  4. jewelsofsayuri says:

    both sets of insects the beaded ones and the clay ones look great. I’m looking forward to seeing the clay ones glazed and finished


  5. niky sayers says:

    What beautiful designs Jenny, I can’t wait to see how your clay pieces turn out and oh my your beaded butterflies are stunning! I think they will look amazing in shadow boxes x


  6. lesleyhw says:

    You’re output never ceases to amaze me…can’t wait to see the finished ceramics and as for the beaded beauties…I’m a sucker for matt/etched finishes so that one win my first place rosette.


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