April Component of the Month Reveal!

Its that time of the month. LOL

Time for the COM reveal at Art Elements blog! ( What did you think I meant?)

This month Jen Cameron of Glass Addictions sent the yummiest swirly cosmic galaxy beads. At least that is what I think when I see them:


So my bead arrived the day I left for Rochester. And I missed it by a few hours. So I kept dreaming up things I wanted to do… and they aren’t even jewelry things… I tried to capture the ideas on my iPad – and I warn you… this is a NEW medium for me and these are rough sketches. ( But if I am going to learn I have to start somewhere…)

goddess ref

The first would be a stoneware/ceramic sculpture – sized so that the bead is a planet held in her upraised hands. ( It WAS just Earth Day.) Maybe 8″? But tapered to a point like the Cycladic figures I adore – and standing in a wrought iron stand.





My original idea: app 12″ tall. Stoneware clay

Then after the trip to Rochester – I had this really cool driftwood, perfect for a mermaid to sit on :


My second idea – small polymer mermaid on driftwood.

And sadly neither of those happened. I got back on the 25th! And the reveal is one week to the day. So I took a break from glazing on Sunday and this happened:


I am thinking this would be a wall hanging… it is rather long. But it was such a visual treat to pull gems to go with this glass! Simply gorgeous. And yes – its a moon hare motif that is so very “me”.

I love this bead – and the longer I look at it the more ideas I have – who knows? I may still start that stoneware goddess figure.

For now – take a look at my AE team mates and out guests this month!

Guest Designers:

Sarajo Wentling

Deb Stewart

Art Elements Team:

Sue Kennedy

Laney Mead

Lesley Watt

Claire Fabian

Karen Totten

Cooky Schock

Caroline Dewison

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Niky Sayers

Lindsay Starr

Jen Cameron


15 thoughts on “April Component of the Month Reveal!

  1. lesleyhw says:

    This is lovely Jenny – that gorgeous chubby little hare is a perfect foil for Jens bead but…I would love to see those sculptures come to fruition even if with a different beads. :0)


  2. Cathy s. Mendola says:

    Lovely!!! I do love it the way it is-the silk ribbon, the hare and all the lovely things dangling from the focal bead. BUT, I can see that goddess in clay holding up that swirly bead and it would be perfect!


  3. lzzybeads says:

    I love how everyone has either gone for galaxy or sea in spired.. love your little hare and moon the perfect sky bead 😀


  4. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Ooh! I love those bits of purple in the bead you got… so pretty! While I’m digging what you did, I hope you explore the goddess idea!


  5. niky sayers says:

    I really, really love your design it works so well, I love the hare and the moon theme it is just so perfect but oh my the stoneware/ceramic sculptures are a must!!! Even if you have to do it with a different bead/beads that goddess with the wrought iron stand is going to be amazing!!!


    • jdaviesreazor says:

      Hello Wendy – I have been using Brushes Redux. I love Paper 53 and have their pencil stylus. But I also have an iPencil now! I have heard wonderful things about Pro-create as well.


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