April is for Amulets! The AJE reveal

 Amulet beads

This month over at Art Jewelry Elements I was very excited to share my new polymer amulet beads. They are vessels – hollow and completely functional. I wanted to see how people addressed this, and what they inspired in our team and guests. See that one in the picture below with a labyrinth? That one is mine! 

More beads

I knew right away I wanted a way to have a scroll inside – that would be removeable and hold a secret ( or shared) message. I fabricated the copper V shape to act as a bail of sorts, allowing the vessel to hang. But then what? The labyrinth is a very evocative symbol to me – of journeys, of life, of the twists and turns of fate. So after pondering a while I decided to stamp words… 

my vessel

“I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading: It vexes me to choose another guide.” Emily Bronte

my own nature

That seemed perfect for a piece about journeys, and amulet, to be worn near the heart, a personal talisman. Labradorite, apaptite, green garnet – all pulling out the cool tones in teh polymer amulet bead. Its long – hangs down to my stomach; I knew it would be whan I selected that quote! The scrill is a piece of resin paper, very organic and fiber-y. No message as of yet – we will see what note I want to leave for myself! 

My journey amulet

Thanks for stopping in – and please take a look at the other offerings this month!
Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio
Alison of Alison Adorns
Jess of The Copper Cat
Brooke from Artistic Endeavors
AJE Team: 

14 thoughts on “April is for Amulets! The AJE reveal

  1. Lesley Watt says:

    I love it and as always you achieve a deeper meaning and significance in your design. Thank you so much for supplying these wonderful pieces to work with.


  2. Lindsay S says:

    Isn’t it funny how several of us chose a long necklace that resonates on many levels? Is it the “amulet” name? Is it the time of year? Funny how independent creativity overlaps sometimes! Thank you for providing your treasures to create with this month!


  3. Jess Green says:

    A wonderful necklace as expected from your very talented self 🙂 I love the little copper bail – I had a similar idea but just couldn’t get it to work! And the little stamped components are inspired – great choice of quote!

    I really enjoyed joining in with this hop, thanks for the wonderful amulet bead 🙂


  4. Alison Herrington says:

    Love the way you wound the labyrinth theme throughout! Thank you so much for hosting! This was fun, very outside my comfort zone, but fun! My favorite part of your design is the stamped metal pieces. Lovely!


  5. Niky Sayers says:

    Oh, oh, oh I love it!!!! The way you have hung it, the stones you have chosen, the resin paper and the stamped quote, just amazing! Thank you so much for such a wonderful challenge Jenny I have throughly enjoyed it!


  6. Kristen Stevens says:

    I have been having trouble with mine. I feel the magic. I feel the presence of faith but the design just hasnt hit me yet. Seeing your creation may have just been the smack in the heart I needed. WOW just WOW!


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