AJE Buried Treasure reveal

Welcome to the 2016 edition of “Buried Treasure” challnege sponsored by Art Jewelry Elements blog.

AKA “Use your stash” 

Its been great year so far for me – filled with friends, adventure, and best of all – studio time! I am working hard to balance time in the mediums that I love and allow time for new pursuits. After a week in Mexico working in metals, they are now demanding equal studio time. The snow days make me want to sit and do nothing but bead embroider, patially because I am sore from shoveling… 

Here is what I have to offer for this challenge – with pieces from my stash by Jen Cameron/Glass Addictions, Lesley Watt/Thea Elements and Sue Kennedy/Sue Beads: 

Lesley's cab and resin

Oceanic pendant – ceramic cab by Lesley. (Resin cab by me)

The glaze Lesley selected for this detailed spiral ammonite? Perfection! It accentuates the detail in her ceramic piece and breaks across the texture so well… I wanted to base all the colors of her cab and really showcase it. I like the resin cab… it has made me want to experiement with other resin cabs and collaging paper behind… creating layers in the piece. 

Sue beads in turquoise

I confess – I have done a piee similar to this before. I have a veritable hoard of Susan’s cabs. I am addicted. This apple green with turquoise makes my eyes happy. (Sounds silly – but you KNOW what I mean) 

These two came together easily, a pleasure to work with… then there is the piece that challenges you at every turn. Well, here is mine:

Jen/Sue WIP

Again – an ammonite cab by Sue. It has sat in a small glass dish nestled into those same gems and pearls for over a year. They were extras from another piece waiting to be put away. Then I liked the palette. Then it sat there to be pretty. Then it sat there to be on deck, and I finally decided what to do… After the aforementioned week in metals I decided to bezel set it. 

Yes it has issues. ( Bezel wire was too heavy a gauge. Bezel may be a bit less than 100% soldered…) But its for me and it represents moving back into metal after years. I’m happy with it! And yes – those ar the same gems that were in that bowl originally! 


Please join me in looking at my team-mates work – and our guests this month. And maybe dig into your treasure trove of beads and USE them! What are you waiting for? 

AJE team:


Shai – Shai’s Ramblings

Melissa – Bead Recipes

Tammy – Paisley  Lizard

Sarajo – SJ Designs

Kathy – Bay Moon Designs

Lola – Bead Lola Bead

Samantha – Wescott Jewelry

Mona – Bijoux Gem

Suntsa – Suntsan





13 thoughts on “AJE Buried Treasure reveal

  1. Lola says:

    The apple green with turquoise makes my eyes happy too! I love how the colors pop on that one with all of your precision beadwork. Your designs are all beautiful.


  2. Tammy Adams says:

    I’ll start with the last piece first. Wow! The bezel setting may not be perfect (not that I could tell it wasn’t, but I’ll take your word) but the design is brilliant. Everything goes so well together it’s like the beads and the focal were made for each other. Your bead embroidery is gorgeous. Love the colors you use to accent the focals. They’re beautifully framed without being overwhelmed.


  3. Mona Arnott says:

    Such lovely pieces. I get what you mean about the happy eyes. Today mine are drawn to the first piece, especially the resin part. Love the look of the “churning” sea water in it.


  4. Shaiha says:

    All of your pieces are gorgeous in their own ways. The first design causes me to go to my happy place on the beach. The second is full of such happy colors that it make me smile. And the last piece is a real stunner. You might see the problems but all I see is an incredible necklace.


  5. Niky Sayers says:

    I always love your seed bead work Jenny, it is beyond my comprehension how you manage to come up with such beautifully balanced pieces both in colour and so rich in texture! And now your work in metal! I love it! I love the shape of the bail and how you have used Jen’s head pin and oh the beads they are such a perfect match for Sue’s wonderful cab. I really look forward to seeing more of your metal work!!!


  6. Sarajo Wentling says:

    You folks who do bead embroidery never cease to amaze me. I’m dying for those colors in your second piece… that green and turquoise together are just yummy. Your finished necklace is just beautiful too!


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