Beaded bags and amulet bags – a blog hop!

 I remember thinking the blog hop schedule would give me plenty of time… 

I met Christine of One Kiss Creations when we were partnered on an ornament swap. I still hang my driftwood with beaded snowflakes every year, and enjoy it all winter. So when the magic of the internet told me she was co hosting ( with Therese Frank) an amulet bag hop… I decided to go for it… Beaded amulet bags. So many options! 

Well – I have attempted this, and I apologize that nothing is finished… I have more ideas, and when I have even more time… but let me show you what I have worked on: 

beaded bag WIP

This piece was pure bead embroidery – and I LOVED doing it. The basic idea and directions came from Beaded Embellishment by Robin Atkins. I loved my palette – so very me. And I loved watching the design grow. The problems (see below) began when I started assembling the bag. I have very limited sewing/construction experience. The piece IS complete – although it is lacking a snap closure. The beadwork did not quite line up at the front where the flap folds – so I have a few more beads to add to camoflauge that area. AND a strap. I became rather frustrated with assembly and will confess, this piece was put aside for a long while… 

beaded bag as is

The second piece I am much happier with – and learned quite a bit. I actually bagan this peyote stitch bag ten years ago?! The delicas and the bottom section, stitched int he round – was squirreled away in a bag… SO I tackled this. I decided to vary the beads and made a bead soup with the original beads, adding more new colors as hte original colors were depleted. I love the variation this has given me. A teammate over at Art Jewelry Elements said it reminded her of Roman glass – so there is the button closure! Spot on!  I adore peyote stitch and could do this all day! My thought for next time? Use rounds not delicas! The bag is SO firm. I plam to stitch silk to the sides as shown on my sketch. The ends will terminate in a knot, and a few charm or crystal dangles. 

peyote amulet bag

On a completely different note – I had done this as well, and thought it would apply. The leather belt pouch was made by my friend Betty at Emperor’s Needle. She has a booth at the PA Renaissance Faire. I beaded the embroidered element onto stiff stuff, then stitched it to the leather with the final round of beads. 

beaded leather pouch

As these are my first attempts I would love to hear what you think…

Thank you Christine and Therese for hosting and challenging me! Please take a look at the other participants fabulous creations! 

Therese ( hostess)
Christine (hostess)
Jenny ( that’s me!)
Karin S

17 thoughts on “Beaded bags and amulet bags – a blog hop!

  1. motidana says:

    Love all that beautiful beadwork you have made for the challenge. Love the bead embroidery in the first piece , and the peyote stitch bag is so cute. But the last one is definitely my favourite . Love the color and the bead embroidery just stands out!


  2. Christine says:

    Jenny ~
    I have your ornament from the swap in the window of my workshop year round 🙂
    The leather bag is beautiful ~ you had a colorful and well made bag to start with and your embroidery finishes it off perfectly!
    The little embroidery bag is Gorgeous!!! The colors and so soothing and the swirls so mesmerizing. I see where it gave you trouble, but in the end, it will turn out just beautifully, as you gave it a great vibe all around. I am a big proponent of putting things down for a long while and coming back to them with different eyes.
    And the decade long bag…that is my favorite of the three (though I really do like that top one so very much!) ~ the understated colors, the simplicity in the design, the glass, the vision of how the sides will be completed. It has a great, clean, simple structure. My intent all along was to make a peyote bag…not sure where that plan went astray, but you have inspired me to do it.
    Thank you for participating in this hop. You nailed it!


  3. Ana Cravidão says:

    I’m visiting your blog from the blog hop. I love your palette in first amulet bag as well as the design. The swirls and waves are so beautiful. You’ll have to finish that piece. I love the other pieces too but the first is definitely my favourite.


  4. Therese says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I love your amulet bags they are so pretty. The embroidered one is my favorite. I like the idea of the silk strap on the other amulet bag it will soften up the hardness of the delicas. Adding the bead embroidery to the leather hip bag was a good choice it really complements the bag and truly makes the bag unique. You did an all around great job, thank you for participating in the challenge and I hope that you will join us again in the next ATTS challenge.


  5. Cynthia says:

    Wow, your first attempt at this? you are a quick study! These are all wonderful in their own ways. The first one is like ferns twisting along a stream in the woods … so many deep greens and swirls. That will be gorgeous with a strap! The second is a great construction! I never thought to bead a strap up over the top – but I just might have to try that. And that last one looks like such soft deer leather with a beautiful touch of beadwork …. perfect to wear at bead shows!


  6. Alicia says:

    I love all your creations. I am always in awe of that free-form bead weaving on the first bag; never managed to do it properly, so I am so happy to see beautiful results. I like how you sketched your bag, I can see how the silk will work and I am sure when you finish the peyote bag it will be gorgeous (it is right now anyhow!). The last pouch reminded me of my great intentions – I meant to do something similar with my turtle, but apparently I am not apt at beading away from the medium (I am not very apt at bead weaving to start with :)). Love your results!


  7. Kepi says:

    I love all three and by your color palette can tell you are a girl after my own heart. Those are my favorite to work with. I love bead embroidery and your first little purse is a gem. It is absolutely adorable, the design and pattern flow of the beads beautifully done. The amulet bag (something I had planned on doing) it beautiful and again love the colors. Again turquoise in the waist pouch. The bead work takes it over the top. Great designs!


  8. Paula Kramer says:

    Jenny, Your bead embroidery is magnificent. It is so lush and the color combinations are really wonderful. I look forward to seeing your finished piece. And your second piece is just darling. Isn’t it funny that it seemed like we had forever on this challenge but there is just never enough time.


  9. Bobbie says:

    All the details in your embroidery are gorgeous – and I completely understand (and relate to) how quickly the time gets away from you when working on these intense projects. I like the varied colors in the peyote stitch bag, and I’m sure it will be extra-lovely with the straps you have planned. The embroidered component added to the final bag is a real eye-catcher, but that first bag really tops my list!


  10. Liz says:

    Great Stuff!

    I like them all, but I think my favorite is the first. You did a fantastic job with the bead embroidery and I love the shape! Sometimes when a piece frustrates me I start to see it so differently (in a negative way). I hope the frustration doesn’t ruin it’s beauty for you.

    I love the change in color on the peyote stitch bag. Well done!


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