Art Jewelry Elements Art Camp – and the COM reveal!

 August. Bead Fest. End of Summer. Back to school. And AJE Art Camp! 

This year I am thrilled to share today’s reveal with Lesley Watt! She came for Bead Fest and a vacation… We sat down Friday in my studio to work on projects… her COM was done. Mine was not… 

The ceramic piece we were working with is a rustic coin by our friend and colleague Diana P. of Suburban Girl Studio: 

Dianas rustic coins

Diana’s Rustic coins – our August Component of the Month. 

 I confess – I had an older rustic coin that I had altered. I poured resin, trapping a thin sliver of snakeskin inside. Although Diana sent me a new coin for the COM – I decided to challenge myself to finish the piece I had started… The coin no longer has the center opening so I was leading towards bead embroidery. Although I sadly covered up some of the crusty glaze on the edges, I love the matte aqua and really wanted to play up that color. The snaleskin showed best on a white substrate… and as I worked a snake emerged. Yes – that is one of Diana’s small cabs there in the “head” of the snake. It was a perfect fit. 

JDR WIP and details

 Here is the finished piece! I am happy with the results and plan to hang it on a wide silky ribbon. I liked the pearls with the 15* anchor bead – echoing the dot pattern of Diana’s hand stamped design. And the little seed pod beads were a perfect companion to the stoneware clay. 

Snakeskin JDR

Now – with out further ado I turn it over to Lesley! 

Thanks Jenny.

So as Jenny said, I was lucky enough to be staying with the esteemed designer of this months COM and was able to make my piece in her company. Ever the comedian here she is trying her best to distract me…!

 Work space LOL

My particular component was a lovely mellow sea foam colour and I just happend to have bought some African Turquoise brick beads at Bead Fest which were a perfect accent. I also brought with me from home some of Diana’s beads in the same rustic style and some leather. I went for a design strung on waxed linen and created a bail with some seed beads. I then raided Diana’s bead box for some brass spacers to intersperse between the turquoise and rustic beads.

 Lesley's COM WIP

Here’s the completed necklace which I finished with leather cord but I may well change this for some chunky brass chain when I get home. The design is simple and symmetrical but I love the way the natural stone works with Diana’s piece to give a soft but earthy feel – very me.

Lesley's COM final

Many thanks to Diana for giving us the opportunity to work with her lovely components. If you would like to see what the rest of the AJE team and our guest designers created please click on the links below.

AJE Team





9 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Elements Art Camp – and the COM reveal!

  1. Diana P. says:

    You both know I love the pieces you made…mostly because I’ve already told you in person, lol! Seriously, love the snakeskin and bead embroidery on Jenny’s and love that turquoise on Lesley’s! Was great seeing both these pieces come to life! Thanks ladies for making awesome work!


  2. Jennifer Cameron says:

    Jenny – Funny thing….I was just thinking today about our upcoming bead embroidery lesson and wondering if you can do transparent and how it would look. I guess now I know the answer to both questions! I absolutely love that and think it’s pretty weird that you have snake skin laying around. The snake that emerged in the bead embroidery is super awesome. I love this thing to pieces.

    Lesley – That turquoise is so perfect! Did you plan that when you were shopping? Or did it just sort of happen that way? I really love what you created!


  3. Caroline says:

    Gorgeous work ladies!

    I love how you’ve used the resin Jenny, it looks amazing with the sliver of snakeskin and your embroidery is beautiful as always!

    And Lesley, I love those brick beads! I’d wear that necklace all the time!


  4. Niky says:

    How very cool that both pieces are so very different! Jenny, I love that you added snake skin to the centre of the disk, very cool and your bead work as always is beautiful!
    Leslie – I love it! The beads are beautifully chunky and the colours are amazing!


  5. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Great job ladies! I love what you do with bead embroidery, Jenny, I don’t think I’d ever have the patience for it myself. Lesley’s is gorgeous too… I’m jealous that she got to stay and play with Diana and now you! Have fun!


  6. Cindy Martin-Shaw says:

    Wow, Jenny. What intricate work; amazing! Snakeskin? Very unique!

    Lesley, I love those turquoise brick beads. Cool shapes. Those combined with Diana’s beads and the spacers look very striking. I like the leather, but brass chain would look good, too. I’d have difficulty deciding between the chain and the leather. Curious to see what you choose.


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