February COM reveal for Art Jewelry Elements

Time to reveal what I have been up to on those bitter cold days of February! Its nice and warm in my studio, coffee at hand, sleepy dog at my feet. 

The Component of the Month this month was a lovely metal clay piece by Melissa Meman. It is from a stamp she carved herself; and I received a copper one. I was immediately drawn to the holes – an element of the design AND they go all the way through. I was debating between bead embroidery or a mixed media piece, using the holes for stitching… 

I decided mixed media, and made a polymer piece to go behind and complement the metal clay. I imagined it with Swellegant patinas to replicate copper’s patina over time. Here is the result: 

COM and Plan 1

Everything went EXACTLY according to plan… and I didnt like it. I felt the background pattern was detracting from Melissa’s design. I had not addressed a bail. The stitching was great, but I cut it apart. Onward to plan B. 

MM mehndi

I cut Faux Bone in a shape that echoed the petal design in the metal clay. I was intending to stitch it too… but as the piece developed it was unnecessary. There are tube rivets at top and bottom to attach the metal clay disc and embellish the dangle area. I used alcohol ink on the FB. This is more pleasing to me aesthetically – the players support the lead now. 

MM Mehndi collage

The necklace is finished with a gentle asymetry. One side has larger gems, wire wrapped red and blue tiger’s eye. The smaller gems, sapphire quartz and blue calcedony, have copper bead cap accents and an additional strand of chain for visual interest and weight. 

Thanks to Melissa for a stunning original to create with this month! 

Check out the blogs for creative offerings from the AJE team and this month’s guests: 

AJE team: 

Jennifer Cameron 

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Susan Kennedy 

Melissa Meman

Rebekah Payne

Lindsay Starr 

Kristen Stevens

Francesca Watson

Lesley Watt    

Guest Participants:

Michelle Mach

Patty Miller

Divya N





8 thoughts on “February COM reveal for Art Jewelry Elements

  1. Lindsay S says:

    I had several false starts too, until I let go of my original plan for Melissa’s pieces. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one! And the right jewelry got made in the end! Love it 🙂


  2. Melissa M says:

    While you weren’t happy with the first idea, I can see it working in my head somehow. The stitching is something that is interesting to me! The second design with the faux bone just sings! I love the colors you chose and the double chain. Lovely necklace! Thank you for your encouragement. I’m so happy you had fun with it.


  3. Niky Sayers says:

    Defiantly a wow necklace! I love your false bone back plate it really adds Melissa’s piece wonderfully, a beautifully thought out and well designed piece with great balance, I love it!


  4. Caroline says:

    Another stunning piece Jenny! I love how you design in layers and I’ve always wanted to play with some faux bone, it looks like fun! I loved your first design too, I could see that working with turquoise cord instead of the wire.


  5. Carol Briody says:

    I love both of your designs! The first with wire stitching was an excellent idea. The second is perfect…The random beads in the tassell and scattered among the strand truly highlight the lovely focal you created. Very very pretty!


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