Runic Goddess – the September Component of the Month reveal

 September. I miss you. <sigh> 

September Component of the Month is brought to you by Kristi Bowman of Dream Some Design. The colors in this amulet are WOW! It is white copper, I believe, and the style says primitive talisman to me… I wanted to bring out the subtle tones of peach/honey and aqua. Not my usual palette so I am happy for the challenge! 

Runic Goddess

The linear and dot motifs helped guide me. I wanted to play up the linear quality, and decided to incorporate the wrapped chain links. They are copper and nickel parawire tumbled to a shiny finish. ( Thanks to Lesley for inspiration on these links.) The gems – jaspers and agates – repeat the dot/round motif nicely. 

Runic Goddess Sept CoM

I wanted to give the piece another layer of meaning and keep in the primitive style. ( I mean that in the best way, naturally). I decided to stamp runes into copper discs and intersperse them with the gems. (The runes are linear in nature as they were originally carved in stone. This makes them easy enough to stamp with letter stamps… no curves needed. )

rune detail

rune chart

“Jera” – Harvest: beneficial outcomes to your commited endeavor. Reap what you have sown. 
“Dagaz” – Breakthrough: Self transformation, change. 
“Sowelu” – Wholeness: the path you must follow; the core of your individuality. 


 I liked the meanings here. I thought that made for a powerful sentiment, a personal talisman. I would love to hear your thoughts as well… 

And dont miss the other pieces designed by my fellow Art Jewelry Elements team mates and this month’s guests! 



15 thoughts on “Runic Goddess – the September Component of the Month reveal

  1. Francesca says:

    I love the meaning you incorporated into this piece – very personal and powerful. And you did a great job with the color palette – love the whole thing!


  2. Lesley Watt says:

    Well of course I would expect your design to be deep and meaningful and you never fail to deliver on that. I love the soft earthy palette and your bead placement and stamped and wrapped links really do give it a sense of the primitive. Me likey lots.


  3. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    I love the way you think, Miss Jenny. The layers of meaning that you have woven into this piece make that pendant just vibrate with mysticism! I am enjoying the chain that everyone is making for this pendant too! So beautiful and unique! Enjoy the day. Erin


  4. Sarajo Wentling says:

    So cool the way you added the runes to your design and the mixed metal links to pull it all together. Sometimes it’s fun to go outside your color comfort zone and you did it beautifully here. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  5. Linda Landig says:

    What a wonderful statement necklace! Not so much a statement in the sense of a large size, but that the runes make a statement. I love how you carried the dot and line pattern through everything that you did here. I love this necklace!


  6. Kristen says:

    The addition of runes was genious! I know what they mean to you and I have to tell you I am blown away. The colors the chain the texture are all a perfect compliment to the pendant!


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