July Component of the Month reveal.

We break into the Beadfest creating frenzy with this special Art Jewelry Elements news bulletin: 

Its the reveal date. For the Component of the Month. Over at Art Jewelry Elements blog. 

Francesca sent us stunning bits of bling. I wasn’t aware that glass was in her repertoire, I think of her as a metals maven. She has quite a few tricks up her sleeves. 

She offered to drill the dichroic glass cabs if we so desired. Nope! Cabs for me!

Francesca's glass

I debated whether or not I should dust off the old torch, solder, pickle routine. But I decided that I was still too in love with tab settings. Yup. I adore tab settings. There is a design challenge every time: to have the tabs be visually interesting, yet functional. To create unity in the piece and security… 

So here is what I did this month: 

Tab set bling

The piece was so dazzling – I wanted to keep the overall necklace simple. And it was larger than I expected – so I wanted to adjust the proportions so bling was the star, naturally. I pulled inspiration from the linear elements in the glass for the necklace itself. 

Whats missing here?

What’s missing? Yes, the jump rings are en route to my work table. (I just didnt have it in me to make my own this month. Sorry.)

I am thinking either sari silk for a cohesive pop of color OR simple chain to finish it off. What do you think? I want it to be app. 22-24″ to sit on the sternum. 

Here’s one more – and you can see the small piece of chocolate brown leather that the cab is sitting on. It serves as a visual frame of sorts, and a cushion so the cab won’t have issues on the copper. It also sits very securely in the setting as well. 

 Leather cushion

the flip side

I loved the challenge this month! The bling-y qualities of the cab made me leave my earthy palette/muted tones/comfort zone. I was pleased with integrating leather as a cusion and design element – in fact I made a second piece: 

copper and leather

I would love to hear your thoughts! 
And don’t miss out on the other creations – links to all the participating members and our guest designers can be found HERE!
Have a good one! 




19 thoughts on “July Component of the Month reveal.

  1. Francesca says:

    Jenny, these are wonderful! I would never have thought to add leather that way – it makes a terrific frame. And tab settings are among my favorites – I love how organic yours are, and the addition of the “stick” chain elements is perfect. (For what it’s worth, my vote would be for sari silk – I’m obsessed with it right now!)

    Thank you so, so much for taking time out of BeadFest prep to play along this month – can’t wait to see the finished piece!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Francesca! It was a lovely piece and a plasure to work woth. In fact the timing was great so I HAD to take time from Beadfest prep and nourish my Muse. Leather – I like it so! And have great scraps from a friend who works in leather. I didnt want to chip the glass if I put pressure on it while setting – so the leather was my safetly net as well. The chain  – glad you like it . I was worried it would be too spindly, or out of proportion for the focal. Sorry the jump rings were my downfall.  


    • jenny says:

      Thanks! I was thinking color too – wondering if I wanted a bead dangle at each joint where the long links will be atttached… I may have to try it… 


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Becky – I cant seem to stop tab setting! Each one is unique… I just unlaoded over 300 cabs from the kiln and I need to reserve afew for me!


  2. Veralynne says:

    Wow…that is awesome…I am in envy of you gals that work with metals….it just isn’t for me….nor is fire! But you did a lovely piece and can’t wait to see the finished results.

    Excellent job!



    • jenny says:

      Thank you C! The cab doesnt read primitive at all. So my choices, simple and rather stark… create so much contrast. Its starting to make me think of a geode. Rugged/gems. Matte/shiny etc. Im glad the dichotomy isnt too jarring.  


  3. Carol Briody says:

    Oooo..love the chocolate and deep blue combo of your piece! Those tabs are so unique…they truly add even more depth and interest to an already fascinating cab. Sari, Sari! That’s my vote! (since I believe I’m going to be hooked on Sari for a while now!)


    • jenny says:

      I know, isnt the chocolate and aqua blue combo just delicious! ? Not sure if I have sari in the right colors… Hmm. Shopping? 


  4. CraftyHope says:

    I really like the way you made this focal. The tabs are so cool and well done. I can’t wait to see the necklace once it’s all together as the chain looks like it’s going to be stunning as well. Awesome job.


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