May flowers – the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month

Good Morning! ( Aside from a neighbor running a chainsaw before 7 am…)

Welcome to the reveal of the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month! This month Sue of SueBeads tempted us with two different, yet related options: 

SueBeads flower chiclets SueBeads flower cabs

How do you choose?!

When I saw these I decided to restock my Czech glass flower beads, and when it arrived I went in a completely different direction. But I still had decisions to make: 

Choose your partner

The apple green color – I love it paired with cobalt blue and/or turquoise. That combination really is eye candy to me. But I liked the rusty amber as a compliment as well. The turquoise disc won – and then the rusty color was present in the matrix. My color triad was complete. I ordered, and waited for a few rust colored seed beads, thinking they would be the base of the peyote stich bezels. Well, not exaclty…

My May CoM

I used a matte dark olive for both bases. I alternated color in the top of each bezel to unify the two cabs via color. The rust matte 8’s frame Sue’s cab and echo the matrix in the turquoise. I am happy with the colors! One thing I am working on – symetry. My seed bead pieces are SO symetrical, and it often seems a bit rigid for me. This one is completely symetrical, I know – but the colors do satisfy… 

Here’s the back: 

CoM back

And the decisions are still laid out on the bead table: 

chain options

My seed bead/bead embroidery pieces are always pendants – its my goal to design cohesive necklaces to accompany them. My current fav I wear in tiny vintage brass chain – it floats. For this one – I am thinking copper chain, with a few wire wrapped stones to tie it all together. The green garnet is close in color, the apatite echoes the teal seed beads, the pearls tie in the warmth of the copper and the rust… 

What do you think? (Sorry its not 100% complete!) I would love to hear your thoughts on finishing… 

Thanks to Sue for another fabulous piece – I look forward to three days of fondling, and shopping your glass! ( At Beadfest. We are neighbors in Artisan’s Alley!)

And I cant wait to see what people have done with those beads! Was I the only cab? Here are the links… 

Shai Williams
Erin Prais-Hintz
Kari Asbury
Carolyn Lawson
Merja Sundstrom

AJE Team
Susan Kennedy
Lesley Watt
Keirsten Giles
Caroline Dewison
Rebekah Payne
Diana Ptaszynski
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson (post will be delayed)
Melissa Meman
Linda Landig

15 thoughts on “May flowers – the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month

  1. Susan Kennedy says:

    Jenny, I love what you made! I would have never put those colors together, you have a vision for that! I love how the seeds really bring both cabs together! I would definitely make the necklace in your style of wire wrapped gems! Thanks so much for playing along and making such a beautiful necklace!


  2. Janet Bocciardi says:

    I love this little guy. I go back and forth on a simple chain and a more ornate one with my bead embroidered pieces, too. Sometimes I wonder if folks find it more wearable when it’s just a chain – or at least more folks. Sometimes a piece is just calling for the beaded chain though. And then… it’s the cost factor when you spend all that time on the neck piece.

    How about a rosary type chain using several of the beads you’re showing? Using mostly the ones that match up to the focal and then the reddish ones as pops of color?

    I’m sure whatever you decide it’ll look great. The focal is wonderful.


  3. Keirsten says:

    WOW!!! Absolutely stunning, I adore you color choices–unusual, and really gorgeous. Now I want to learn to do seed bead bezels! Can’t wait to see the finished piece! I think you’re on the right track.


  4. Jennifer Cameron says:

    Jenny, I really love what you’ve done. The color, the texture, the matte and shiny mix. It’s all very rich. I think your idea of adding beads to chain will be gorgeous. But I also think a kumihimo cord, or doubled hand dyed silk ribbon or sari silk would also be gorgeous.


  5. Becky Pancake says:

    Hi Jenny, Your bead embroidery is beautiful. I like your color choices. My suggestion would be to make wire wrapped links with three seed beads on them and varying the colors for the chain.


  6. Caroline says:

    I love the colours you’ve chosen and how the stone colour is picked up in the bezel, it really takes your eye around the piece. You’ve nearly made me want to try seed beading again!


  7. Mary Oberg says:

    I love the way the artist presented this Rustic Flower Pendant. I was attracted to the blue right off and then I love the sandy texture on the leaves. It is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Mary o.


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