Art Jewelry Elements – December “CoM” reveal

How do you choose? When Rebekah of Tree Wings Studio revealed the December CoM to the AJE team – it was like Wall St. trading; talking over each other, debating, back and forth texts. A frenzy.  There were so many fabulous color palettes, some subtle, others bold, warm vs cool… Let me show you: 

Treewing Studio beads CoM

See what I mean? I fell in love with #1 right away. The high contrast of the dark blue and the white isnt my normal design preference,  but the subtlety of the green/aqua in the swirls/sides of the bead was so awesome. 

I wanted to accentuate the aqua which I love, and the rust, as I like the two together… 

Dec Com bracelet

Focal: Tree wings Studio

Beadcaps: White Clover Kiln

Ceramic rounds: Blueberri Beads

Gems: amazonite, pearls, goldstone

Misc: copper wire, daisy spacers, suede lacing 

Dec Com details


Now – this focal screamed bracelet to me because I wanted it to be center stage. While that could be a pendant too, I heard bracelet… The beads from Caroline/Blueberri were sitting on my work table at the same time and were the perfect muted aqua. Once I saw them together I could not seperate  them. I tried. They had former a bead gang, and were insisting on being linked together. 

Don’t you love it when the beads gang up on you? 

Thank you Rebekah for a wonderful bead! 

Please take a look at the other members creations, and those of our guests as well! 


Guest Designers:
Ann – Bead Love
Melissa – Bead Recipes
AJE Team:
Kristen – My Bead Journey
Susan – Sue Beads
Rebekah – Tree Wings Studio
Caroline – BlueberriBeads




21 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Elements – December “CoM” reveal

  1. Lesley Watt says:

    Lovely bracelet Jenny…you know I love those muted tones and the layering and textural depth is perfect. Happy new year my friend.


  2. Ann says:

    This is a great bracelet! Looks good from every angle. And I do love it when my beads gang up on me – usually makes for a great result like this one!


  3. Keirsten says:

    The elements you chose for this work so well together–you have a great eye for materials! Both sides of the bracelet balance each other so nicely. I like how the little round beads on the side opposite Rebekah’s bead echo the little dots on her bead. Well done!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks – Its nioe when another trained eye sees what you saw, great positive feedback, that i appreciate. Nice getting to know you Keirsten!


  4. Rebekah says:

    So pretty Jenny! You know I love suede and I love bracelets, so of course I adore your design—a perfect combination of textures and colors. Thank you so much for playing along!


    • jenny says:

      It was a beauty to work with, and almost designed itself! I enjoy our interactions as I am newer to polymer, and use it so differently. I like seeing your creations, and learning the mediums capabilities when in creative hands. 


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