Ammonites! The October AJE component of the month reveal!

 Welcome to the AJE Component of the Month reveal! 

(If you are looking for the “Inspired by Reading” book Group – its here.)

 I love copper, the warm tones are very autumnal to me. So when I recieved this lovely copper clay bracelet bar from Kristi Bowman for this month’s CoM – I was thrilled. And to have spiral/ammonite textures? They are some of my absolute favorites. I love the combination of patterns that brings to mind suns, flowers… The heat patina on the copper had a flash of purple. That’s all it took… 

Kristis copper focal

 I wanted to accentuate the purple and play off the contrast between the copper and the flash colors. But I didnt have any amethysts that were right, and the seed beads and glass I had werent the right scale. So I challenged myself and went a bit outside my comfort level and used leather. I have a stash of scraps from my friend Betty at Emperor’s Needle. She makes clothing and accessories and is a regular at the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Fair. The purple was divine… 

Oct CoM bracelet

I paired the purple with 2 strands of size 8 seed beads to add texture, and color variation. I accented the focal, and drew attention away from the clasp with a lamp work bead by Sandi Volpe. ( My Beadfest swap partner, and friend). That bead cap? Yes, it looks familar! It is a duplicate cap from Lesley Watt/Thea Elements from last month’s CoM! Lesley did not recommend manipulating the bronze bead cap; but I dared, and was gentle yet persistant… and it worked! I curved the petals in to curl around the leather and hide the connections. I am happy with the way it came out, like the leather, and love the feel of it on!

On a second note – I have finally finished the polymer pod from last month – inspired by Lesley’s bronze petaled bead cap. Here it is painted and sealed. I am not sure what I am going to do with this one – but it has really started the creative wheels turning thinking of vessels and hollow forms… What do you think? 

 Sept CoM finished Sept pod open

Here’s to another great month at Art Jewelry Elements! Its a pleasure to work with such creative original artists! Please head over to the Art Jewelry Elements blog for links to all of the participants this month.  You wont regret it… 

18 thoughts on “Ammonites! The October AJE component of the month reveal!

  1. Kristi says:

    Really beautiful Jenny!! I’m with you, purple is one of my favorite colors to put with copper. I love to see some of Lesley’s work used as well as the lampwork from Sandi and the seed beads. I just love it all!! And that vessel is spectacular!!


  2. Jen says:

    Very clever girl! I love the way you pulled the colors together and the pod end cap is brilliant. And your finished COM from last month is really cool. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with.


    • jenny says:

      Melissa – I found myself pulling out the same beads I used with your focal – that I made into a bracelet bar Thats when I had to get out the leather so I didnt repeat myself!


  3. Shelly Buettner says:

    Wow – the leather and seed beads look terrific with Kristi’s focal – I bet it feels great on, too (leather usually does!) Great colors – loving this! Oh, and your polymer pod – holy cow that’s cool!!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Caroline – I think  – I know I will do more vessels. I am thinking of making masters so I can do the shapes more easily. The tin foil core worked, but was a pain,… 


  4. Lesley Watt says:

    What a divine palette Jenny and such a lovely bracelet. SO glad the bead cap didn’t let me down. And as for your vessel – just wow! so original and beautiful…I am in awe my friend!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Lesley! I am glad I took a chance. I was gentle, but firm and hte bead cap responded well under “pressure”! The vessel was a good experiment for me. While it doesnt exactly showcase the bead cap – it was the impetus. 


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