Getting plastered…

My year goes in cycles. This time of year is one of the times when I push to do new tile designs. My final big show is coming up – <gulp> in three weeks, and I like to debut new designs there. The show is FaerieCon – a wonderful fantasy convention in Baltimore MD. I have written about it here and here... 

So a new offering in my “Mythic Nature” series is in order. Or 2 if I can convince palster to dry faster, and faster, than nature would allow. 

Here is the first tile – a triple hare design – being cast… 

Triple hare original tile


Casting process

The process is relatively simple. And I use the most commom materials: Build a mold box of cardboard. Seal every nook and cranny with duct tape. Glue tile down – wouldn’t want it to pop up, or float. Coat the surfaces with a wee bit of Vaseline to aid in seperation later.  Mix up plaster, I do this by eye… pour the first bit in amongst the details, then fill the rest. Set aside and wait. That last bit – the hardest part!

Here is the second design that I cast today. 

Mr Fox.

The hare mold came our perfectly! 

open the mold

Remove the cardboard, gently peel out the clay… and voila!

Triple hare mold 

Now if only that plaster would hurry up and dry!!!


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