The Beadfest bounty.

… aka the LOOT post! 

But first – a message from the business woman – 

Beadfest 2013 was great. Sales were up from last year. There was networking, talking to magazine editors, teachers, and general personas inthe bead community. I will be submitting paperwork for 2014 this week, with glee and anticipation. My new pieces were well received – as in scooped up. And my signature Mythic Nature line held its own. All in all a good show. Event staff and security were on top of things, it ran smoothly… 

BF 13 booth pix

Now – the artist’s perspective: I spent a weekend surrounded by creative people who speak my language! I was immersed in my tribe, and it was exhilerating and rejuvenating. Seeing work that sparked ideas! Chatting with colleagues about materials and methods. I lef the show tired, yet ready to make more things as thoughts blossomed in the fertile environment. ( Yes, I really do think in images like that…)

This was my second big bead show – although I have been involved in the online community for longer. I am continually inspired and encouraged by these friends and colleagues. It honors me that they often choose to trade beads/art with me… as I am drawn to and appreciate their work, and flattered that those feeling are reciprocated. I look forward to working with your creations – and seeing how you integrate mine into your work!

I am home and rested and unpacked now and I miss them all!!! So to soothe my lonliness I look at my treasures. Magpie? Why yes, I am!


BF13 purchases

From top left: Diane Hawkey, Kelly of White Clover Kiln, Julie Miller Glass, Green Girl Studios. 


Loot and trade 1

White Clover Kiln, Glass Addictions, Dia Daniels, KAS beadwork, HMB Studios

Loot and trade2

SueBeads, Starry Road Studio, Genea Beads, Suburban Girl Studio, Staci Louise Originals. 

 More Beadfest posts coming in the next few days… but I am off to start – and finish my COmponent of the Month for the Art Jewelry Elements blog team… Until later… 





4 thoughts on “The Beadfest bounty.

  1. Linda Landig says:

    You did such a nice job of expressing the feeling of belonging and creative energy that we experienced at Bead Fest. I was so glad to be able to spend time with you. Your loot is lovely–can’t wait to see it in new designs.


  2. Stacie says:

    So glad it was successful on all levels! Looks like you got some great beads, but most importantly, time with creative lovelies that were able to fill you up with new ideas and directions!


  3. Kathleen Lange Klik says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad to hear sales were up this year for artisan vendors. Artisan Alley was the first place I went to last year (and would have been the first this year if I was able to go). I spent the entire day there! Buying from artists not only helps the community to thrive but adds wonderful stories to our designs! My customers love hearing about the artists behind the beads that I use.

    I love all of the treasures you returned with! Serious bead envy here! 😉


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