Beadfest Sneak Peek

Taking a glazing break – actually I am almost finished, having met the epis task I set myself! I will have a plethora of pretties at Beadfest this month in Philadelphia – my classic “Mythic Nature” designs and new items as well. Needless to say – I havent been doing much else lately. Heres a recap of the last weeks… 


Milagros – sorted into piles, 4-6 colors each! in the designs, fresh from the kiln… 

Hi fire

A new, OOAK batch of vessels and goddesses. High fire stoneware with a wash of iron oxide. Very happy with these… 

Matroska cabs


Matroska cabochons, raw glaze before firing.  There will be pendants too. 

resin rings


Limited edition  pendants – some will have resin inserts of vintage illustrations/antique text. Others will be open… 

If you are a beader, wire worker, metal smith – or even a newbie bead stringer… please stop by and sat Hello! I will be at Booth 461 in Artisan’s Alley. 

Beadfest pass 

One thought on “Beadfest Sneak Peek

  1. Karen A. Scofield says:

    Hi, I love the examples here.

    Do you add a clear glaze over the iron oxide wash at all, and if so, do you fire them once for bisque, again after the iron oxide wash, and yet again for clear glaze?

    I mean, if I didn’t want a shiny look to finished works, as opposed to satin or matte, would an iron oxide wash be enough to create finished beads that won’t absorb and hold sweat and dirt from being worn? (I’m a newbie and imagine clear glaze would be glossy looking.)

    I love the the oxide wash look in particular.


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