Art Jewelry Elements – Everything’s coming up roses…

Good morning! Its reveal time over at Art Jewelry Elements blog. This month we had a sweet porcelain rose from Diana

Diana's porcelain roses

These might be a limited design – so check her shop now!

Now – I saw this picture, and I decided to challenge myself a bit… and asked for lavendar. Nothing against pinks and pale purples – they just arent “me”. The bead I received was lovely… I went to my amethyst stash, logical. It was too boring. (The combo, not the amethyst!) I heard my sister Heather in my ear… lavendar green and yellow. Great combination… We window shop in boutiques on South Congress St in Austin and look, and discuss, have a coffee whenever we get a chance! It gives me insights into her tastes, and potential presents for her… So with Heather in mind, here goes.

AJE July

A double strand of gems: wire wrapped amethyst, yellow jade, jade… and tourmaline. The darn tourmaline was sooo tiny is was barely stringable, since I wasnt willing to go smaller than 24 ga wire. But it was essential to play off the glaze color as the amethyst was so dark. 

AJE reveal July

Finished with silk cord and a sterling hook clasp I whipped up. It hangs long-ish at 25″. I was working on it at a “Girl’s Beading Night” and have to thank Kim and Marsha – they advised on length, and Marsha had brought her silks… that helped decide the closure as she had the perfect green!

I love the way it turned out, the colors are fresh and spring-like to me. The silk makes it super comfortable to wear – something I always consider. Thanks Diana for the beautiful piece in a rare (to me) color! Please take a gander at my colleagues creative interpretations of this focal – and the lucky monthly winners. 

That’s all for now… have 2 other posts in the works here for this week. I am trying to nurture my blog that gets so neglected when I am in the midst of teaching Clay Camp. And I am in a Beadfest frenzy – so when I emerge from the “glaze cave” aka the basement studio, I can tap tap away here… Thanks for stopping by – hope to see you again soon. 



17 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Elements – Everything’s coming up roses…

    • jenny says:

      Sue – I have even fewer pink beads than purple. I like purple and almost never use pink, ever. The redhead in me was raised to abhor pink… Your pink was perfect!


  1. Sarajo Wentling says:

    I always love the combination of purple and green but never would have thought to throw in that yellow. It totally works! Purples (of all shades) tend to be the most challenging for me to work with too. I applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone and making something beautiful!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks! Agreed. I tend to create 99% of the time with analagous color schemes. The yellow and the purple? They are complementary – yikes. The green splits the pair and works ok!


    • jenny says:

      I think she would like it – and sadly it may be destined to go to a local gallery. She inspired it – and may not reap the rewards. Arent I terrrible? 


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