February Finale – the Art jewelry Elements Component of the Month reveal

 February – how I missed you. You were gone in a flurry, frenetic, so fast. One thing that was successful, accomplished on time, and simply a positive during February was the Component of the Month over at Art Jewelry Elements! Here is what Francesca sent us: 

F. Watson CoM

Aren’t they gorgeous? Depth of color. Variations in color. The fine silver accents. The pieces are very subtle, and have detail when seen up close. I didn’t want the enamel to get over shadowed by one of my more elaborate mixed media assemblages. (You know how I am…) So I went back to simple, gorgeous gems, to accent this piece and set it off…

F. Watson enamel

Strung with moonstones, pearls, aquamarine, apatite, and silver spacers…

I adore moonstones. I have a lovely strand of tiny faceted rondelles that are drilled too small for any wire but 26 gauge – and I decided this was their chance! It was the silver embedded embelishment that inspired this palette. I wanted accents of color to link to the overall blue/aqua tones, as well as silver. 

CoM necklace

These elaborate silver beads visually cap off the gem strand as it transitions to chain; the chain is just the last few inches on the back of one’s neck. 

I love the piece – simple, clean, with a bit of subtlety. I can’t wait to see what my fellow AJE team members did – and dont forget the lucky guests who WON a pendant each! You can see it all at the Art Jewelry Elements blog. Thats where I am headed…. But before you go – I would love to hear what yo think…. 

24 thoughts on “February Finale – the Art jewelry Elements Component of the Month reveal

  1. Shirley says:

    Love! What a great necklace. I can totally see this with a summer dress, or with tshirt and jeans. The silver accents give it enough girly to go dressy, and the simple lines and color palette means that it will be a favorite in the jewelry box. Great job!


    • jenny says:

      Glad you like it! Especially since you dont usually make components. I am glad your little chickadees hatched into lovely designs. Makes you proud, huh? 


    • jenny says:

      Hello My name is Jenny and I am addicted to gemstones. No – really. Its almost all I use. I will throw in artist components here and again, but its gems and clay and metal. Earth girl – thats me. 


  2. Linda Landig says:

    Your necklace is so pretty, Jenny. I love moonstones, too. This is the kind of necklace that makes me want to hold it in my hands and study each part of it for the subtle richness of the colors and textures. Great job.


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