January’s end?! The AJE Component of the Month reveal.

 January has flown. I always have dreams of hibernating and catching up on the stacks of books that inhabit all rooms of my house. This year I was in the studio every day. Collages (4 new) and mixed media necklaces ( 6 new) for a gallery show that opens tomorrow. When that show was hung, it was with great pleasure that I got to return to this beauty from Karen/Starry Road Studio. I had been thinking on it for weeks, literally, and wanted to make my design become reality…


Playing with pictures – but you can clearly see the colors and textures here. Dimples on the edge, a spiral, and a great earthy green, hints of rusty brown, turquoise… I wanted to do a bracelet – partially because of the size ( app 1″) and because it is double sided. I get rather annoyed when a bracelet focal flips over all the time… The irony – in my final design the ceramic focal can’t flip over. Ha. Outsmarted myself. 

hinge clasp bracelet

The focal is framed with chunky faceted jasper nuggets. The bracelet is copper, stamped, forged, with patina. The hinge is formed directly from the sheet, and creates the clasp. A pin of wire ( chunky, like 12 ga?) is on a leash of vintage chain. 

open view

The spiral and dimple design was intended to reflect the bead’s design. I created the dimples with my center punch, punching on wood to get a deeper impression, and alternating sides to have rasied and recessed dots. 

texture detail  wearing it now

Detail of the design, and clasp when worn. The pin is short and smooth, and not too uncomfortable. I would wear this on my non-dominant hand on a normal day, but mousing and writing with it on wasn’t very practical. ( I am really focused on the wearability of jewelry. Why design a cool looking piece if it’s uncomfortable, or impossible to wear?) But I digress. 

I am pleased with the piece, and will wear it myself. I do see experimenting with the design a bit, offsetting the hinge for comfort…Thank you Karen for the challenge and the inspiration! Please see what my AJE teammates have created! The links can be found here. Until later… 





21 thoughts on “January’s end?! The AJE Component of the Month reveal.

    • jenny says:

      It still ecites me to see the wide range of items we create with similar ingrediants. And each month I feel I get to know people better!


  1. Kristen Stevens says:

    I do love the funkiness of the clasp. I can see that it might be a bit hard on the dominant hand if you are working though. I really love your entire design!!!!


    • jenny says:

      If you send me more pie, and measure your wrist I will make you one… I did slide a piece of copper tubing in the bead to keep it from wiggling. In case you weer interested. I loved working with it!


  2. Jennifer Cameron says:

    Ooooh! I LOVE this design! The hinge and pin is so clever…although seen on your wrist the pin looks kind of scary. Hopefully it looks worse than it feels 🙂 I love how you reflected the bead with the dimpled edges and spirals. Gorgeous!


    • jenny says:

      Yes – Jen. The pin is filed smooth, but does stick out a smidge. I think wearing on my left hand will solve any discomfort. And I dont wear it while working…Its a design to play with…Thank you! I was going to etch swirls in and simply ran out of time…


  3. lesley Watt says:

    Love this design Jenny the copper with the bead are a perfect match and it’s unique and original and such a clever closure. Brilliant.


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