Autumn – the reveal for Suburban Girl Design Team

 I love Fall. It truly is my favorite season. The crisp zing in the air, the colors, leaves… So when Diana sent us our stoneware leaf for the Suburban Girl design team, I was thrilled. My thoughts were on leaves – as I was working with Kristen’s beaded leaf for the AJE team…and I wanted this to stand out and be unique, different…

Fall focal

The quote is from Peter Mulvey – “… and the leaves were telling secrets to the wind.” The copper was a scrap, already reminiscent of a leaf, tweaked a bit with the jeweler’s saw. I liked the way it hung, and allowed the heavier leaf to balance the enameled acorn. ( Thank you Carol Myers!)


The lovely copper clasp from fellow team mate Michelle! 

SBGDT fall

The whole necklace: seed pod beads, tiger’s eye in yellow and red, wood jasper… finished with seed beads and chain. 

chain detail

Hand stamped copper links: “Change”- since this season heralds the change of the year into the fallow reflective period of the winter. So much change around us – from leaves, to routines, to weather… And I liked the shapes balancing the lozenges of the tiger’s eye opposite. 

Beauty shot

I loved working with this pendant of Diana’s! It was a pleasure! Thanks for stopping by – let me leave you with a question before you visit my fellow team members’ blogs – What is your favorite aspect of Autumn? 

Diana Ptaszynski
Kristen Stevens
Jan Onipenco
Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp
Sandra Basara Miller
Michelle Buettner

19 thoughts on “Autumn – the reveal for Suburban Girl Design Team

  1. Shirley says:

    My favorite aspect is definitely the color. Even though the weather is getting colder, all the gorgeous colors make me feel warm and cozy. I love the ‘change’ part of the chain. You really created a great necklace that personifies Autumn. And I love what you do with metal. 🙂


    • jenny says:

      Thanks fearless leader! Again – you sent great components that are a pleasure to work with… Sadly I cant claim the acorn, but it is perfect isnt it?  


  2. Kristen Stevens says:

    You are a jack of all things my friend! This is a stunning representation of Autumn and all it’s glory made with so much heart I am truly in awe!


  3. Michelle Buettner says:

    For some reason it wasn’t letting me comment on this post,…just the one prior so I’m trying it again (left my comment on the AJE post just in case) You knocked this one our of the park girl! Love the leaf your created and the little acorn is fantastic and they highlight Diana’s pendant perfectly. I love the phrases you stamp into your designs, it gives them such meaning and beauty!! Gorgeous piece!!


  4. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    I love it! Those colors are my favorite. You know I love words in my jewelry. And that little touch of change is perfect. The acorn is sweet and I love Miss Diana’s new pieces! This is a winner for sure. Enjoy the day, Miss Jenny! Erin


  5. Carol Myers says:

    So glad to see the little acorn being used in such good company! Lovely necklace, love the pendant and love the words/metalwork pulling it all together. Great balance! Love how you put things together!


    • jenny says:

      I had a hard time choosing which acorn. I covet them all, and want to save at least one for me! Glad you approve of how your acorn took root!


  6. Susan Marling says:

    Your necklace is beautiful – I love everything about it – colors, leaf, word, chain, beads. It is something I would wear with anything.


  7. LeAnn says:

    Love, love the words you incorporated in this design. And the balance of color and elements is lovely.

    My favorite thing about autumn is the change. The suddenly crisp air, the color (so fleeting), the betweeness of summer and winter. So no wonder why I feel a closeness to your design, heh?


    • jenny says:

      Fall to me seems like the start of the new. Summer ends, the introspective period of winter arrives, where we draw inwards and prepare to bloom in the spring. Its a very creative time for me as I watch the world change. Glad you liked it!


  8. Patti Vanderbloememn says:

    You put so much into each and every design – it amazes me! This is stunning and captures all the aspects of Fall. My favorite part of the necklace is the “Change” copper links – love it!

    I love Autumn because it is a prelude to Winter, because that is my favorite season. Hypernation, solitude, hopefully some snow, cold – everything is “asleep” ….I don’t know why, but that inspires me.

    Have a great weekend!


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