Denizen of the Deep – Suburban Girl Design Team “Summer” reveal!

Summer! It is here – no questioning that! Temperatures in the 90’s here in Delaware have me dreaming of the ocean. Luckily all of DE is relatively close to the beach (as opposed to the shore in NJ) and headed there for a respite soon. The summer charms from Diana arrived ages ago – and a lovely lampwork from Jan as well! I confess, I finished this yesterday. I have been up to my elbows in clay, teaching sculpture and wheel throwing at Clay Camp – and found it hard to switch gears. But with such lovely ingredients in my mind’s eye – I think I was designing this piece weeks ago in my head!

Summer sampler Summer loot

Here is the first pile of potential pairings. I knew I wanted to use my own ceramic mermaid pendant, how could I not? The colors in Jan’s bead were so inviting! And the gorgeous paairing of sandy brown and celadon in Diana’s – so my style! Here is: shell slice, mother of pearl, stick pearl, sea glass, river stone. 

Idea pile 1

I wanted to bring more of the earthy sand color in – so Marsha Neal Studios silks to the rescue. I have a huge stash I sell with my pendants – so I am spoiled and have a color for every need!

Add some silk...

Hmm. The pile of potential has changed. Abalone, amazonite, recycled bottle glass beads, copper green pearls, jasper… What jasper is that? THe dark teal-y one with drown matrix? You know the one I mean…

Getting closer...

And here she is: “Denizen of the Deep”. I ended up with pearl and kyanite as the dangle, abalone, amazonite, MOP, pearl, and that jasper as the gems strand. 

Denizen of the Deep

I wanted the larger components on the right to be balanced visually, so the left side is a double strand of gems and matte olive seed beads. Here’s a detail of the pendant and the SGD Team featured components: 


The starfish, you say? Where is the starfish? I had to go rogue and do a companion piece. I wanted the starfish to get equal attention, so it is the focal on the matching bracelet ( silk, seed beads, and gems – as inteh necklace)

partner piece

The completed pair

Hope this finds you cool and content – enjoying the best of summer and avoiding the worst. Have a cold beverage, some sushi, and channel your inner mermaid!

Please stop by my partners pages as well!

Diana Ptaszynski
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Kristen Stevens
Jan Onipenco
Marla James
Sandra Basara Miller
Michelle Buettner


17 thoughts on “Denizen of the Deep – Suburban Girl Design Team “Summer” reveal!

  1. Diana P. says:

    I love that you always bring us through your creative process! Great pieces! Oh, you could even use the necklace as a display at Bead Fest since you used your mermaid as the focal! Yay for multi-purpose work!


    • jenny says:

      Ooh! I will! With a little calligraphy card with you and Jan’s booth number on it as well! So it was cool to do 2 pieces? The starfish wanted to be a diva and “star” in its own piece!


  2. Shel says:

    What a great set! I love how you share w/us your thinking/creative process – it really pulls things together. This set is fantastic – I like how you’ve let the starfish shine bright in it’s own bracelet (very nice!) and that mermaid pendant of yours is to DIE FOR!! It works so well w/the shell connector and Jan’s bead – oh yummy!! Beautiful set indeed!


  3. MarshaNealStudio says:

    Jenny – you’ve got such a great eye for design, and you really are able to pull things together that have so much more meaning than “ooh – pretty” and I think that adds so much to the story and meaning to your work. I admire that about your work! Off to go hop to the other blogs!


    • jenny says:

      Blushing. Thanks my friend! I do like a story and menaing behind a piece… and I love being able to share them on the blog. Glad you stopped by. 


  4. Lori Bowring Michaud says:

    Thanks for sharing your design process with this piece. I always find it interesting to hear a designer’s thoughts about putting a piece together. Great necklace! We have a favorite restaurant here on the water and we love to sit on the deck to have dinner there in the summer. I could envision wearing this necklace and sipping a cold glass of wine looking out at the water!


  5. Jan says:

    Great story and inspirations . . . fantastic colors. This was an awesome reveal for everyone!!! Great how you came up with the bracelet, light and airy.

    Yes display it at BeadFest, people love to see finished pieces using your components.

    Till the next one . . . . 😉



  6. Kristen Stevens says:

    I love your pieces and paired with your mermaid they were a match made in the sea! I like pairing the surf and sand!


  7. Sharon Misuraco says:

    You had too many lovely components to limit them into one piece. This necklace and bracelet are spectacular! Interesting colors and textures! I always study through your design process, all nicely done!


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