Capers with Copper! Kristi Bowman’s End Cap Blog Hop

Kristi Bowman's end cap hop

Hello and Welcome! Can I just tell you quickly how excited I was? One of 9 spots, and it was mine! Kristi Bowman of Kristi Bowman design works wonders with bronze and copper clay. We were aquaintances online, and I jumped at the chance to participate in a challenge using her pieces. I love metal clays, yet do not work with them myself. I like the fine details Kristi gets in her textures, and think the colors are rich and inviting. So – thrilled? Yes, I was. Here is what she sent me: 

k. bowman end caps

My thoughts immediately went to turquise. Was it the color combination of turquoise blue and copper that I was seeing? Was I influenced by pieces from her recent bracelet focal challenge? Well, I had that idea firmly in my head, and true to nature did not start the piece until right before the hop. Actually I completed it while waiting for parts of my button hop piece to cure…

end cap bracelet

 I wanted to do a multi strand bracelet to use the cones in a traditional way. I had thought one strand would be all those large chunks of green turquoise, but they were too much, the scale overpowered the cones. So smaller blue turquoise… The sari silk is a snippet from a variegated hank I have, thankfully the aqua/yellow was long enough. 

view 2

The matte blue iris size 8’s bring out some of the darker indigo tones the copper patina holds. I created a simple clasp from 20 ga. copper. (Nope, didnt pickle or patina it. Want it to age naturally.)

view 3

The large turquoise chunk is the prefect counter weight for the copper caps; keeping the design balanced physiclaly and visually. I love it, and am wearing it often. This one is mine!

model shot

Thank you Kristi for the chance to work with your lovely pieces! It was a pleasure, and I think the caps are fantastic. And there is a sale today, you say?!

Go take a look at my partners posts! There are only 8 more – you know you are curious…

Jenny Davies-Reazor ( that’s me!)

16 thoughts on “Capers with Copper! Kristi Bowman’s End Cap Blog Hop

    • jenny says:

      I have to say I am hesitant to use fibers in a bracelet, hope they stand up to moisture ok… But I had to this time – it was the color and the texture I needed!


  1. Therese says:

    Beautiful bracelet! I like how the blue iris seed beads not only bring out the blue in the copper, but they also compliment the turquoise and silk.


  2. Alice says:

    Jenny, I’m not surprised you are keeping this piece–its gorgeous!! I love how you pulled out the colors in the endcap. The silk is a lovely addition, and your choice of beads makes me think of an island getaway (which I sorely need).


    • jenny says:

      Thanks! Sometimes I think I am a seed bead junkie. I dont use them all that often, but I go to a show and the colors… I am hopelessly drawn to them! 


    • jenny says:

      Thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback, and the compliments… I look forward to hopping later today – as I have some real life issues to take care of before I can escape to blog land. 


  3. Sally Russick says:

    Beautifully done, Jenny! All the components are perfectly balanced!
    Wish you were at Artbliss this weekend!! It would of been nice to see you!


    • jenny says:

      Thank you Sally! It was fun to make. Wish I had been in DC too, for the classes and camaraderie. I hate that I missed classes with Richard. He is the best. Looking forward to your pix…


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