Friends and flowers.

This past weekend – is it Thursday already? – I had a fantastic weekend with my college roomates. We try to do this every year, and it is as if no time has passed. What a pleasure to simply spend time together, catch up, and just be. This year we went to Alison’s and spent time in nearby Philadelphia. Perfect that our weekend coincided with the Flower Show…

(Note – these pictures are all exactly as shot with my iPhone. No filters. I was pleased.)


Chinatown lanterns in late afternoon. 


Gateway. Traffic. 


The theme this year was Hawaii – and it was a tropical wonderland. Not as diverse a theme as in past years, but lovely. 

tiki floral

This store front window display for an art supply store may have been my favorite…

iphone eye

Camera tricks. Iphones at the ready. This was the light and floral Wave design/entryway. 

lush green

Green garden goodness. You should have wseen the 40′ wall of growing lettuce!

Dutch corner

A corner of Holland for Annmarie. 


I took so many orchid pictures – I had to mix it up. 


Our nightcap – thanks to Richard. Port, wine, whiskey and cookies. What else do you need for time talking late into the night? 

More pix tomorrow – with Instagram. Stay tuned. 

5 thoughts on “Friends and flowers.

  1. jenny says:

    C – I mentioned just that! Remember the time you brought a kaleidoscope? Very trippy/cool. Al – great as always. pix w. filters tomorrow!


  2. Cindy says:

    Looks like a GREAT weekend & so nice that you really keep in touch so well with your college friends… I remember the real sweetie that I met at ArtBLISS this past time. You two were just beaming, sporting the new rings you had made!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Cindy – I am lucky I get to see the college girlfriends as often as I do. Hopefully I can convince Jen to come back to ArtBliss this year! The sad part – my ring is lost. I think it was part cat plaything, part vacuum casualty. Sigh. 


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