The Soup is ON! Bead Soup Blog Party…


It came nestled in purple, a color often associated with royalty. And I surely felt like a queen when I opened up one precious pouch after the other! SO many! Such treasure… Jelveh outdid herself.  Now I had seen her blog and her Etsy site – and I can honestly tell you, I was eager to take a peak at the lampwork. For she is a lampwork goddess, and I assumed I would get a lampwork focal. This is a busy part of the year for me and I was most often in the basement studio glazing ceramic tiles and pendants. So one Saturday, I cleared my schedule, brewed fresh coffee (the brew of inspiration) and sat down at my table…

work table

(This is a clean view of my table. Believe me – once the magic starts there is not so much empty space visible…)

BSBP sketchbook

And I sketched, and planned. I wanted to be able to share the process with you, and also have a record for myself, for the future. The ideas for the main pieces were pretty immediate. 

first BSBP

The first piece. Made entirely of BSBP beads and clasp; nothing at all from my stash. I had challenged myself to do that, and being my first BSBP had no idea if I would succeed. My generous partner made it easy! This piece was designed for my mother, as it is not my color palette. The lampwork focal is such rich gorgeous deep colors. You need a better view: 

first BSBP view

And then for my sister (who now will know what one of her birthday presents will be…) as she is a Scorpio. Classic, versatile black and silver – she is a lawyer and often likes to dress up the professional uniform with a little non traditional bling. (Again – all BSBP stash)

scorpio earrings

These green beads shouted spring, vegetation, plants… so I paired them with glass floral beads and copper. I wanted the warm copper tones to mellow the sharp fresh green hue. 

spring earrings

Now – for the biggee. Drumroll please…

BSBP the biggee

When I saw this lampwork focal I immediately knew I wanted it to stand strong with accents to support it yet not compete. It is large and exquisitely detailed, with a diverse color palette. The blue stones from the soup worked well in scale and color; so I added silks, double strands to bring out some of the other pastel tones in the focal. The only items from my stash: the silks and the clasp. How serendipitous to have cones in my soup? 

BSBP focal

And them there is still soup to savor on another day! As with homemade soup – it is often better the next day after the flavors meld. I look forward to returning to a second helping with this: 

doggie bag

And the most delectible morsels…

favorites BSBP

The lampwork goddess bead I simply adore. That one is mine! She is a dark plum/brown which makes me think of Earth, fertility, vegetation.  I am thinking of breaking out the seedbeads. I know – shocking! But beading a fringe bouquet with gladd flowers and leaves – are those even the right terms? I see it in my mind’s eye, and know those relatively simple beadweaving techniques. 

Oh! Don’t go yet. I have to give you the list. But thank for stopping in – I would love to hear your thoughts on my creations, and I hope to see you around in the future…

Here is the full list of participants! Bead soup Blog Party 2011


57 thoughts on “The Soup is ON! Bead Soup Blog Party…

  1. Maneki says:

    Beautiful pieces, all of them! I especially like the necklace — how you used linked beads and then cording — and the Scorpio earrings. The latter might be because I’m a Scorpio myself. Fab job!


  2. Carol says:

    Lovely work! I love the combination you made with the lampwork focal and beads from your stash, but everything is so nice. Kudos for writing down how you designed everything and the story behind each item.


  3. Karyn B says:

    Oh, your soup was so full of yummy ingredients! I love what you did with it, and how you were able to make gifts for your family. I really appreciated seeing your sketches too. Lovely work!


  4. Cindy says:

    Jenny, your Bead Soup turned in to many beautiful pieces. I enjoyed hearing your process from start (a clean work space) to finish! Your are a fantastic sketcher, btw. I happen to have a Scorpio attorney sister too, btw. πŸ™‚ You are so sweet to think of your Mom and sister! Thanks for sharing your bead soup creations.


  5. Maria says:

    I loved seeing your studio, you took me right there with you. Seeing another artist’s design sketchbook is always a treat as well. Loved the bracelet, it had a beachy look to me even with the pink. Great work.


  6. Lori Dorrington says:

    Wonderful! You have created several terrific pieces of wearable art. I like your use of color and texture, and I love the lampwork focal bead neclace. Thank you for sharing your artistic process along the way, I liked seeing your sketch. Cheers!


  7. Lori Anderson says:

    Jelveh’s beads are always a treat, and you did a great job with them! You have to email me when you do more work with the rest!

    I hope you’ll join me next time! The badge and dates will be posted tomorrow, the 19th!

    Love, Lori


  8. Anonymous says:

    Jenny, these are great thanks for making sense of my eclectic soup…when I was collecting the beads to send, practically 20 min before I was leaving to teach a class in istanbul I was thinking they would go together in one piece. I am so glad to see your process and the yummy pieces that you made…thanks for highlighting my focal bead in such a lovely design…sorry it’s taken me a day to even visit, just got off the plane on NY hopping on another one in a few min to San fransisco. Thanks again. You are lovely, i love seeing the process…


    • jenny says:

      You are too good to me! When I sent you my ceramic pieces – I never imagined them in one piece – and you did so with gyspy style! We were very well paired, I think!


  9. Elizabeth Woodford says:

    I really love how you made many different items form your soup and it is not gone yet!!! You had a very generous partner and her lamp work beads are glorious!!! Love the lamp work necklace -that bead can really stand alone!!!!
    Lovely to meet you and to see your wonderful ceramic work!!


  10. jenny says:

    To respond en masse – I dont always sketch, but wanted to record this event for history! I love to sketch, and thanks to those who complimented me on my style… I have Jelveh to thank, really – she sent me so much goodness!


  11. Marsha Neal Studio says:

    Oh – WOW Jenny! The pieces you created with your Soup are awesome!!! Wish I had the patience to sketch things out. It is awesome to see your process (although I do prefer to see it sitting next to you, with a gaggle of beady gals and some wine ;).

    Love those earrings you made! The bracelet – divine! And the necklace, very fashionable and comfortable to wear…

    Great Job!


  12. Kay says:

    What wonderful pieces. I know your mother and sister will truly appreciate your wonderful gifts. And that necklace is gorgeous. Love the ribbon with it. You’ve made the focal really stand out, yet enhanced it at the same time.


  13. Sandy Richardson says:

    I am so sorry for being so late my computer was resisting too labor intensive:^)Very nice designs. Wonderful beads And there is still time to sign up for the give-away, Just go to Sept.16th blog and leave a comment
    Be blessed to be a blessing


  14. Jelveh says:

    Hi Jenny, sorry I am late I was on a flight back from Istanbul, on my stop over in New York I signed on and left a message but I guess it did not come through…
    wow girl you outdid yourself, so many Pisces from my crazy mix of soup…I did not know what we can make more than one piece so I was thinking you would use them all in one piece, I am so glad to see what you made and your creative process is awesome too…thanks again…


    • jenny says:

      Its all good, Jelveh! You did respond earlier! And I wasnt able to start hopping til Sunday night, either! (Your first comment ended up as by Anonymous, but you signed it, I knew it was you!)  Glad I didnt have to make only one piece – that would have been challenging as the soup you sent me spoke to me loud and clear! 


  15. Chic and frog says:

    You had a gorgeous lampwork focal bead as well and you made a great work with it. I bet that your whole family is now happy that you took part to this BSBP, right?
    Sketching… something I should learn…


    • jenny says:

      Ambra – just allow yourself to doodle. From one shape to the next, a curve might sufggest a shape… Remind yourself they are for your eyes only, and there are no rules! It can be quite fun…


  16. Jennifer says:

    What beautiful pieces! I don’t know which is my favorite… I think it’s a toss up between the bracelet and the green earrings… although that last piece is to die for! Wonderful work!


  17. Beadaholique says:

    Jenny, these are some really lovely pieces you created here. I wish I could sketch out my designs as neatly and orderly as you have here! Brava!


  18. Terri G. says:

    You rocked out your soup mix that your partner sent. Soup-er job. Thanks for taking us along and seeing your design process. I find that so insightful!


  19. Bobbie Rafferty says:

    What lovely pieces you created, and thank you for giving us a peek into the thought processes behind each one. Lucky mom, lucky sister! And if you need to find a home for any of the other pieces, I’m happy to send you my address πŸ˜‰


    • jenny says:

      I am in crazy gonzo pre-show mode. Why cant I be this uber-productive all the time?! Pix will come of the new work after the weekend!  I am glad we got to meet! See you around on the Interwebs!


    • jenny says:

      Oh – I will! I have been super busy getting ready for a trunk show of ceramic components and a festival/show of tiles and jewelry I look forward to being back at the bead table next week!


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