What a hand I have been dealt…

deck aces

You can see they are not your ordinary deck of playing cards. Aren’t they exquisite? A friend at the ceramics studio brought them in to show me. She purchased them in Russia, maybe 25-30 years ago. The suits are the four seasons, and they look so  – regal? unique? archaic? 






Chalices! Suns! Ravens! Wheat! Snowflakes – how very Dr. Zhivago… How thrilled was I when Ann GAVE me the deck! I may have squealed with excitement. The originals I will keep intact. I plan to use them in collages – color copies for image transfers. And perhaps reduced in size – resin pendants? Yes, please!

I am currently working each day at my annual ceramics summer camp. Today was the first day – and i am trying to get back into the swing of everything. Blogging, listing on Etsy… I apparently needed to check out for a bit there over the last few weeks. But I am fine, here, busy, and have  a lot going on! I will keep you posted – here, FB, Twitter. Care to follow along? Please do! Wait til you see what other treasure I just got – for free! It has enough materials to keep me busy for years! Curious? Come back tomorrow!






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