A contest – and a give-away!

This week I had many pendants in the kiln. Not a few, but an entire shelf. This is precious territory, here. The stars were all aligned: there was enough ware glazed to fill the gas kiln at the studio; there were enough shelves for me to commandeer one for my pieces; I was there to load said pieces; I had enough pieces ready and waiting to be fired. To celebrate this huge pile of beady goodness – and the recent publication of my work in Beads 2011 – lets have a contest!

You have two chances to win: 

1. Guess how many pendants/charms are on this plate. It is a standard dinner sized paper plate. 

Plate o pendants

plate detail

2. Be the lucky name drawn from the proverbial hat!

Winners – I will pick two winners – one who has guessed the number closest to the actual number of pendants. ( I still haven’t counted yet!) and another name chosen from the entries at random. I will count the pendants and draw winners Monday April 25th. The winners will receive either 2 pendants for use in their jewelry creations OR 1 pendant with a gemstone dangle, on silk cord, ready to wear. Winner will get to select color scheme from a detailed photo posted Monday; I will surprise you with the design/motif. 

Feel free to repost this, share on Facebook; or reTweet. Sorry it wont get you any extra chances to win. Just share if you feel like sharing the love. People I havent met personally are invited to enter here, or on my FB business page: The Art of Jennifer Davies-Reazor. ( All entries go into 1 pool: Twitter, FB, FB biz, blog all together now.)

I have to say, its all rather intriguing – as I have no idea how many are piled there, either! Happy guessing! 

5 thoughts on “A contest – and a give-away!

  1. jenny says:

    Can I just tell you how much I love this? I still haven’t counted them and I am intrigued. But its even better knowing you are all out there in the ether somewhere! Thanks!!!


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