Bead Table Wednesday…

(I was procrastinating doing a blog entry because I am behind on my A to Z entries. Well, that’s silly. I am so far off the original schedule! I will do them, I will, but not today.)

Today is Wednesday – Bead Table Wednesday – a Flickr group devoted to whats currently on your table, in all it’s mess – or glory. First – the overview. I have a dozen or so vintage mix-matched saucers, often stacked up with the equally vintage muffin tins. There is a tray of finished work, awaiting photos and Etsy. There are seed pod slices/beads on my sketchbook, I think they are headed to a bracelet, myself. 

BTW overview

Next, a detail of a saucer. I have been experimenting with enameled components on brass mixed media lockets. I haven’t done any collages inside yet. To the left are resin samples for the class I am teaching next week. 

mixed media saucer

Here is a piece I am falling in love with. I have half a dozen or so of these brass book lockets. This one has the word “Fate” tube riveted on, and a key – stitched on with linen thread. (Sorry it is so dark…)

Book of fate

And last – but not least – a quartet of “Mojo” necklaces. These are a bit collage-like, a bit gypsy, a bit eclectic. I love them! They will be finished with copper chain – since the pendant has enough going on in it already… (From top left: Gypsy Spirit, Weave enchantments, Fae Maid, and Sea Siren)

Mojo necklaces

And let me leave you with a glimpse of the work in progress from the ceramic studio: 

Labyrinth detail

More on that later! Perhaps my new Wednesday’s will be “Work-in-progress” Wednesdays… Hmm. I like the sound of that…

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