And now for something completely different…

Sometimes a simple thing means the world. 

The ceramics studio where I work is called the Art Studio. Its a community center, offering classes in a wide array of media. We even have a full weaving studio – floor looms, the real thing. And it attracts a diverse group of people. During the days, it is people with flexible schedules, people who have retired, and me. We work, and chat a bit… ( I for one can’t chat and work. I need to be in the zone.) We share finds, recipes, book recommendations, the like. I was discussing a recipe and I mentioned that I was going to go to the Indian grocery to get Garam Masala for a butternut squash I wanted to roast… Another friend was discussing saffron…

My friend Vinita stepped in – an angel of spices!

Vinita's spices

She brought me store-bought; and made me homemade! She may have been a bit amused at my need to buy it – since she has always made her own… 


Cumin seed, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, and two different cardamom pods. It smells divine. 

She is so sweet and thoughtful – she brings me scraps of sari fabric from her tailor whenever she goes back to India for a visit. Her artwork is amazing: right now her Etsy shop is empty after the holidays… She does one of a kind watercolor cards. And gorgeous ceramics of course! (Maybe I can add a few pictures in the future…) Thank you Vinita for your thoughtfulness and generosity!!!


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