A Cluttered desk…

“If a cluttered desk  signs  a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk the sign of?  Albert Einstein

I have a new desk. I love it. 


My old desk was a vintage? antique? drafting table. I loved it too. It had paint stains on the ledge, and was beautiful dark wood. But I had a laptop then, for years and years actually – and the drafting table and laptop got along famously. Then my laptop died. 

When the laptop died… I decided for many reasons to go with an iMac. The iMac and the slanted drafting table never met. They were from two different worlds, destined to clash. I had to sacrifice form to function… my desk became <shudder> a folding table. 

But now I have a new desk – new to me. It was my Grandfather’s. And then my Dad’s. Dad purchased a new desk recently; Grandad’s desk wasn’t really used anymore. Was this Grandad’s desk from work or from home? I can’t quite recall, right this second. Yet I can remember his “office” at home so vividly. It was the space by the back door, traditionally used as a mud room. But for Grandad – it was a buffer zone, a place between the worlds. After a day of work, when he came home – he would hang up his hat, leave the bits and bobs of work in the office, and then head to the kitchen and pour himself a drink.  The desk there was always covered with notepads, notes, pens and pencils advertising motor oil, tires, Kendall, Napa…(He and Dad owned and operated a chain of local auto parts stores.) Grandmom would have dinner ready, always starting with homemade soup and a salad.  At least thats how I remember it as a kid… The office area was also a place of business. Grandad  – a savvy businessman – would bring parts home, especially on a Friday.  Customers could stop by on the weekend, saving a trip to the brick and mortar store. So even if this isnt his desk from home – it still brings back many welcome memories…

my view

Its “antiqued” an olive sage green. (peeking out in left of picture.) I have a Wonder Woman tray, and a glass box covered in Hindu goddesses. Soon the wall area will be re-done. Move the bulletin board, hang a few small pieces, maybe a wall shelf from IKEA…But my first desk purchase was the blank paper blotter, and I plan to Zentangle here each day. 

Zentangle? Oh – its meditative doodling. I have always doodled, in fact there were some  ‘elements of art’ assignments I used to teach in High School – that were essentially Zentangles in nature. But I received the kit from a dear friend this holiday, and have been devoting a few minutes to it most days. I like the large format blotter better than the tiny paper squares in the kit. I like seeing the design evolve and change over time. A page a month? I think so…

Jan. tangle

Here’s January so far… And I plan to spend more time here. This year the plan is to blog M/W/F. I know, I know… but I am doing the A to Z entries on Fridays; I like planning ahead, and having a routine. And Etsy. Going to give the shop some TLC on T/TH, list new items, keep it updated. It is a great resource that I havent fully tapped into as of yet.  So stay tuned, reader!

And I will leave you with a few inspirational desks: Terri Windling’s blog about “What’s on your desk?”. Desks from Charles Vess, Jane Yolen, Alan Lee, Ari Berk, Rima Staines, Kris Waldherr, Shane Odom… a stellar list of artists and authors. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “A Cluttered desk…

    • jenny says:

      I think you are right, C. And judging by the wear patterns and patina on the edge of the desk – this was a desk that was used often!


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