1. a break in or as if in a material object.

2. an interruption in time or continuity: Break, especially: a period when something ( as in a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted.  

Yes, I had one. Or was I "on hiatus"? Either way…there was a long lull since my last post. Now that post was a month ago and I was energized, organized and ready to work. Work I did! Blog I did not…

In some ways I was relishing the last of my summer vacation. Now wait, you say – you aren’t teaching full time, you aren’t going "Back to School". But the time frame of a class room teacher seems to be ingrained in me on  a cellular level! So in the post clay camp calm, I felt like it was time to enjoy Summer vacation. While I was extremely productive in my newly refreshed ceramics basement, i wasnt filing receipts, blogging, sending newsletter, entering exhibits, submiting slides…

Oh. there in lies the rub… I still think of blogging as a chore. Thats the problem. Its a shift in perspective that is needed. So I ask you, reader – to leave a comment. Help make this blog more of a give and take, a conversation… No comment is too small, or simple. All comments are created equal! And equally appreciated! 

School supply1 

So its back to school time. And with that, to me, its back to work. Like I said I have been working… but its back to the communal ceramics studio. Play nice with others. Its time to plan for my Fall library programs, and do the behind the scenes prep and planning for my Fall shows.

I am headed to the studio now, loading a kiln filled with new tiles and shrines. I unloaded the kiln here in my studio this morning. Pictures of glaze, and new items to come soon! Does this mean I get to shop for school supplies/ I do so love markers, pencils…

Talk to you SOON!

supply 2 


5 thoughts on “Hiatus…

  1. Anonymous says:

    My kids are already back, we have 5 days of school behind us already. I love buying some of that back to school stuff but some of it is a chore and some of it angers me. Why do teachers insist that every kid must have a 1.5″ = 2″ binder for each and every class? How many 12 year olds can carry 8″-16″ of paper + binders + text books + instruments or gym/sports gear?

    That said, I’m getting more done as the kids return to focusing on their own work and we are not focused on taking advantage of vacation time.


    • jenny says:

      Ha! The binder question is so valid! Most kids dont carry them anyway. I would vote for folders, much lighter and more portable! How i love a good pocket folder…the blank slate for doodling!
      Glad you are reclaiming your time. And they are re-establishing their routines.
      Its one thing to enjoy the family time of summer, but its another to watch the kids – as yours are teens especially – settle into their routine. To see them live their lives, as they mature and set out on their own, well, to a small degree.


  2. Anonymous says:

    There is something SO awesome about brand new sharpies and crayolas – the big multipacks… even just to hold them – their feel and smell is refreshing! See you for beady night soon!!!


    • jenny says:

      I just bought a new pack of multicolored Flair pens a week or so ago! And I have been know to smell Crayola crayons in the store. Just smell them and walk away…Beads are lovely but they dont smell as good!


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