Main Entry: fre·net·ic
Pronunciation: fri-?ne-tik
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English frenetik insane, from Anglo-French, from Latin phreneticus, modification of Greek phrenitikos, from phrenitis inflammation of the brain, from phren-, phr?n diaphragm, mind
Date: 14th century
“Inflammation of the brain” – that discribes the state of affairs here rather well. I am in full on frenzied production mode finishing – well, starting AND finishing new mixed media work for my first solo show. I have clay drying – hopefully to be fired and glazed in time. I have shrines awaiting interior installments. I have lined up blank canvases primed (pun intended) for paper, paint and glue.
studio shot(You can just see the shrines in the foreground on the left. And two labyrinth themed colalges on the work table, very near completion.)
Please save the date: Friday May 7th at the Newark Arts Alliance here in town. The reception is from 6-8 pm. So there are finishings artwork lists, and reception/organisational exhibit lists…
And icing on the cake – my friend Cooky will be here from San Diego! WooHoo! She is the owner of The Shepherdess – bead and fiber store extrordinaire – in Old Town, and an incredible mixed media artist/jeweler in her own right.  Coming for her first East Coast visit to my humble abode, she is drafted to help hang my show! Hee Hee. But she is also here on business and she and I will be attending MD Sheep and Wool Festival over the May Day weekend. So lets get this artwork prepped early – there is fun to be had; wine to be drunk, fibers to be fondled…
I digress. More on the show in the coming days/week… I need to get back to the studio. “Inflammation of the brain” – yes, that does sum it up…

4 thoughts on “Frenetic…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jenny! I found your blog again. 🙂 I am following 2 other friends’ blogs too. They are using and a tab that goes directly to their blog sites appears on my toolbar when I get onto the internet. I like that, cause I don’t have to remember where their site is, and seeing it on the tab reminds me to check for new entries. Do you know of a way I can add yours like that? Just checkin. Love the pic of your workroom. It’s so tidy and organized! Have fun with Cooky. Hopefully we’ll see you on the 7th. Ang


    • jenny says:

      Hmm – cant say that I know the intricacies of the blog updates. I know I subscribe to the RSS feeds, and have them delivered to my inbox. But I leave computer detials to my husband and brother-in-law…

      Looking forward to the opening. And thank for your kind words about the studio. It is messier than usual, but in a good creative way – definitely!
      (Had to look twice before I saw your name at the end… Glad you are ‘back’ Ang)


  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to come to your opening on the 7th! Especially since you are on a different “level” creatively after being at RenCon… I would love to post about it on the DE Etsy blog if that is cool with you! Can’t wait to meet Cookie and James (?) in person too…


    • jenny says:

      Sadly Cooky will have flown the coop – and will miss the opening. She will help me hang the show – her own private viewing. Please feel free to spread the word on Etsy. ( one question: who are you? 😉


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