New ventures – mixed media pendants

With FaerieCon around the corner, (more on that in a minute) I am working on a variety of mixed media pendants. Resin, collage, gemstones – oh my!

1st: a series of Fairy dust vials: filled with metallic leaf or mica glitter; metal tags are hand stamped with words: magic, dream, believe… fairy dust vials  fairy dust vials

Then there are miniature collages in frames; the text elements are exerps from antique books; there is a sense of mystery and wonder when you find the right words, phrased oddly in a 200 year old poem…  collage pendants

And them the resin! These are metal bezels, with collages incorporating antique postcards, cigarette cards, and stamps. The latter are donuts of mother of pearl.

 resin bezels resin bezels Resin first, then yummy dangles…

I usually dont do this type of thing, except for myself. So I am excited to debut these, and although they arent "fairy" specific, I hope they are a hit!


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