Selections from the first batch –

Pendants in tray

I have to thank Marsha – for the bead tree review, the loan of said bead tree, the tutorial on hanging hooks, the silk cord… and for being such a good " clay sister"!

I am happy with the way they turned out, and they were well received at Artsfest. (It was a fabulous weekend, and a great show, as always!) Actually sold my favorites. I have another batch drying, and 2 new designs. I think I like them best when I add a second loop underneath and dangle a few gemstone beads. I will be making a large batch of them for FaerieCon – which is frightfully just around the corner! Yikes.

This is a short post, I am in the midst of some mixed media pieces for FaerieCon, and am sure they are ready to come out of the liver of sulphur…

2 thoughts on “Pendants…revealed

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jenny!
    I love the pieces in color!!! They really are little pieces of art… And the thought of them with little dangles at the bottom is wonderful! Do you have any with bunnies in the works? You know how I’m a fool for rabbits and the moon…

    Glad to hear that the show was a great success! I hope they continue like that through the fall for you… Keep up the great momentum!

    Can’t wait for lunch again…


    • jenny says:

      You know me so well! I did originally do a moon hare pendant tile. It was a little too three dimensional and didnt release from the mold well. I will do another, at some point.
      Glad you like! You did help “birth” them!I am pleased with the color, but also want to try some in more subtle palettes. Its a wealth of experimentaion… and those ^6glazes… I see what I will be doing during the slower winter months.


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