Ebb and flow

So I havent posted since the end of April. Sorry about that. Looking back since last time always causes me to question: Where have I been? What have I been doing since then? Then I become reflective, and end up not posting because there were many ideas and tidbits, but I lost them over the last month…

I read blogs daily. Drinking coffee, while the dogs are outside before I go to the studio. And I know what I like. I like pictures, I like insights into the artist’s process, inspiration. I like images of artwork in progress, new work, poems…I like pet stories – Gee I wonder why? I do not like overly personal rants especially not detailing personal medical problems, or relationship upheaval. Yes, its all out there for one to read. <shudder>

So I know what to do. But I dont do it. Excuse #1: I need a new camera. But I have a camera phone. No good. Excuse #2: Does anyone even read my blog? If you dont write it they cant read it! Excuse #3: I dont have the time… Whatever! You are a self employed artist! If you can play Chain RX on Facebook you can definitely post a blog entry…

So the wheel turns, and I am back at the computer, hoping to breathe a little life back into this blog…Let me know if you are out there…

2 thoughts on “Ebb and flow

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I think it’s hard to keep inspired to write about things when you’re not sure if people are reading it. I often think about trying contests and give aways… but that’s about as far as I get – then the thought wafts away…

    Keep posting stuff – It’s like keeping up with you when we can’t squeeze in a lunch!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jenny,

    When I get a chance, which is about as often as you write your blog, I enjoy checking out what you are up to.


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