More art from Artsfest

Shobha necklace

My new necklace! I have worn it every day. Shobha Ohal, the artist, was one of my neighbors on the wooded path at Artsfest. I didn’t look around very much until Sunday, and was immediately drawn to her jewelry. This piece is Hindi for "happiness" – set in resin in a hand fabricated bezel. And she switched the dangle out to a garnet for me. Beautifully made.

I must confess. I am a bit of a jewelry snob. I made and sold earrings in a local shop as a high schooler. I did metals as a concentration when I was an undergrad at Skidmore. I worked at a fabulous bead store in San Diego and took classes with some incredible instructors. I am addicted to semi-precious gemstones. I make much of my own jewelry. So I dont buy often at shows. But this piece is exquisite.

It is a real pleaseure to meet and discuss with other artists. I enjoy the banter of  like minded creative types, professionals doing artwork for a living. Maybe its a shared art school history that puts us on equal footing, maybe the comraderie of doing a show together. But it is a pleasure, nonetheless!

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