New tiles!

Dragonfly collage tile

What a week this is turning out to be! I am trying to get organized, as I leave for Artsfest on Friday morning…after I take a dog to the vet. (Do you ever wonder why you scheduled things the way you did? How could I have¬†thought THAT was a good idea? ) Anyway…I glazed this morning, have the wee kiln firing, and wanted to shoot these new tiles, as they are getting packed up. Have a few more for the kiln tomorrow to pack up warm and toasty on Friday morning when they emerge…

These collages tiles are my latest obsession. I like the immediate working with the clay and the symbol, then the collage bit can be done later after glazing and firing…with more intent or inspiration…

Here’s an example of how different two tiles can be – from the same sprigg (mold of the relief sculpture)

Dryad duo

More on Penland coming soon, promise!


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