My dog likes…tofu?

OscarMeet Oscar, the Canaan dog.

(I know… I hadn’t heard of them either!)

He sat there last night as I chopped fresh veggies for dinner. Looking so wistful… In  our house, dogs do not get people food. Maybe a raw carrot; good for their teeth – which Oscar will sniff and delicately turn his head away in a " I dont think so…" manner.

He was so focused on the tofu. I put a chunk in his bowl. Mind you this is straight out of the package plain un-adulterated tofu. He gingerly took it in his mouth – and scampered into the other room to savor his treasure!

I tried it again, a few chunks in his dog bowl. Gobbled up immediately.

Hmm. What a dog I have! (This is the same dog that threw up gravel and a LIVE bug at doggy day care earlier this week. Decided to go vegetarian? )

For more info on the breed:

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