A year ago…

LoBue class shrine

I was working on this shrine in San Diego. I was visiting the Shepherdess Bead store – where I used to work…now owned and run by my friend Cooky. A week of classes, palm trees, visiting friends…The class was "Shrines and Icons" taught by jeweler/sculptor Keith LoBue. Although I was already doing ceramic shrines, it was an amazing experience to work with Keith, and think outside the box. Well, metaphorically…

The casing of the shrine I created in class was a cigar box, the tracery in the opening a deconstructed sandalwood fan.

Shrine interior

Inside – triads. Three goddesses printed on fabric. Three altered pods, containing pearls, beetle wings and shards of glass; dangling from a vintage key. There is an element of excitement and anxiety when you start to irreversible alter an object – but the results are very satisfying.

So – I leave in 2 days to return to San Diego, to the Shepherdess, and to classes with Keith! I am very much looking forward to socializing, relaxing and creative rejuvenation!

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