You hold the key – April’s theme

Unlock, reveal. Secrecy, privacy, gateways, portals, knowledge. Trust/Hide. Answers, freedom, escape, safety, closure. Initiation. Curiosity. Mystery. Goals, dreaming, yearning.

Keys to me are tangible potential. The magic and mystery of what could be unlocked; the revelations or mysteries contained from unworthy eyes.

In my intro art journaling class ” Sparking Creativity” we used Keys as one of our motifs: unlocking and opening up to the new process of art journaling. Using the art journal as a safe container to work through emotions and challenges.

I wanted to share some of my mythical key inspiration with you this month – as I again use this image to inspire my pages this month.

 Janus: Roman god of doors and gateways. Janus wore two faces – looking in 2 directions and looking backwards and forwards in time. He was a gatekeeper, and a god of beginnings. (January is named after Janus.) He is depicted with keys and a staff. He was said to represent wisdom, could grant success and new opportunities. 

 Lord Ganesh in the Hindu spiritual path is the great elephant god, the mover of obstacles and for this reason very often associated with keys.  Commonly locks or keys can be found with a Ganesh design on it to symbolically representing the unlocking of a path or knowledge.  Ganesh is associated with wisdom and spiritual knowledge, making him not only a prime example of key symbolism but also a deity, like so many others, associated with journeying.

 Hecate is a Greek goddess associated with was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, crossroads. She is often called The Queen of the Witches, and The Keeper of Keys. She holds the keys that allow passage into the spiritual realm.  She is a great protector and is associated with keys, and dogs among other things. Trivia is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Hecate, goddess of the three-way crossroads.

But some of the most fascinating and even gruesome keys are linked with folk tales and modern retelling, constantly morphing and yet connected at heart. The Grimm’s told the tale of the Fitcher’s Bird ( also read the tale here) Charles Perrault used Bluebeard as his nefarious character in his version. To Angela Carter it is the Bloody Chamber. They all have in common: a secret room, off limits. Keys and curiosity! Leading to trouble… sometimes with eggs, often with blood stains. Take a read for yourself – they are amazing tales!

“The wife holds the key” illustration by Walter Crane.

Are you a subscriber on You Tube? I would love to have you… and this theme will unfold during the month of April. My monthly theme inspired my filmed art journal pages. And anyone is welcome to use the theme and journal along !

Please stay tuned on my You Tube channel for these art journal pages as they unfold during the month of April!

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